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“To see my name in print.” And More Six-Word Resolutions for 2012

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

By Liz Crowder

2011 is to 2012 what a ratty old coat is to a brightly colored, new one.

New Year festivities celebrate getting rid of the layer of excess, bad habits and questionable decisions that build up over the course of a year. Love them, hate them, make them or break them, that’s what New Year’s resolutions are all about. Resolutions are good-spirited, harmless, well-intentioned fun whether we devote ourselves to them, start strong with enthusiasm that fizzles out on Jan. 2, make them in jest or not at all.

So here’s a toast to 2012, fresh starts, new beginnings, and that irresistible draw to ring in the New Year with a resolution or two. Whether you’ve raised your champagne glass with friends at a confetti covered club, a family party or sitting comfortably on your couch, be sure to check out the Six-Word resolutions below. Click on an author’s name to see more of his/her Six-Word Memoirs.

Become alter ego, finally begin living. -SapphoFX

Write more, stop editing in head. -MsMins

Resolving not to buy bigger pants. -TawnyPort

Will work less, thus smile more. -scribblingscribe

Learn patience as quick as possible. -writersblok

Try more, wonder less, breathe always. -MelMellyM

Dear 2012, Please bring me career. -kismolnarzs

Resolution: stop being grammar nazi. -starvedforperfection

Wear thicker skin around mean people. -l8leigh

Erupt less. Accept faults. Move mountains. -Contemplative

Continue doing what I’ve always done. -JAD

Dangle more modifiers; split more infinitives. -Susan_Breeden

Like Dory said: “Just keep swimming…” -rorym82

Light the shabbat candles. Slow down. -Debra_K

Avoiding the hospital like the plague. -iridescentirises

Being away. Being alone. Being okay. -OneWhiteTree

2012 resolution: Be single without complaining. -ton

Love the brokenness while becoming whole. -volta

Simultaneously shrink and expand bucket list. -avoidingregret

To see my name in print. -marymc

Don’t look back, it’s dark there. -DaniB

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    love them all!

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