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About the Video

The video we made on a lark. I figured that all these great memoirs might make a great slideshow, and then realized that it would be easier to just save the slideshow as a video.

The song is Stretch by Pedalsped, a Bay Area band. I purchased online rights the song on Pumpaudio, a new music licensing service that’s super-affordable.

The photos we got off of Flickr, and all are Creative Commons licensed for remixing or adapting into new works. I tried to match photos with memoirs as appropriately as possible, but it’s impossible for me to know the true motives of each photographer.

The Flickr users we used in the video can all be seen here, in my Flickr favorites.

They are: kiwanja, Tyler Howarth, FotoDawg, krisdecurtis, scragz, s2art, greggconnell, gahdjun, bionicteaching, fortes, bradleypjohnson, Petra42, Billychic, moriza, mmarchin, Kevin Lawver, said&done, kcjc009, LorE Denizen, geeknerd99, Paul, Aline & Sophia, sophia scalpel, neil_barman, *Micky, MegElizabeth_, Rev Dan Catt, Rabih, Zesmerelda, Richard J E Anderson, Linda N., markhillary, ndanger, rochelle, et. al., Drawings Of Light - Paul, Jekkyl, chefranden.

The dog suit photo is courtesy of Ted Rheingold.

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