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Six-Word Search: “Compass”

Monday, February 20th, 2012

By Liz Crowder

Lost in life, wracked with worry, not sure where to go from here? Spills, falls, directionless days and leaps into the unknown aside, don’t lose sight of the fact that—as we like to remind each other but often forgot ourselves—half the fun in life is not “getting there,” but the journey to wherever “there” is. Whether you keep your internal compass in plain sight, in your pocket, or have no use for compasses at all, be sure to take a break from the exploration of life to look back, look around and enjoy the view. Everyone from the compass-challenged to the direction-driven can relate to the memoirs below. Click on an author’s name to see more of his or her Six-Word Memoirs.

“Sledgehammered my moral compasss. Cathartic nirvana.” -Loon

“Follow too many directions. Appear misdirected.” -vanbergen

“Twenty-five years. Still seeking direction.” -emcjobs

“More fun since moral compass broke.” -catsmeow

“I was never given a compass.” -Robert_Altizer

“Missing: innocence, virginity, and moral compass.” -writerly203

“Wrong direction, but it’s a step.” -crippled soul

“Internal compass spinning, mid-life crash imminent.” -Laconic

“Feet and compass confusing my heart.” -oopsalittle

“Polar opposite keeps resetting moral compass.” -ctgoods2

“A misunderstanding: have compass, no destination.” -knewkillerstar

“Lost without a compass, loving it.” -L.J.R

“Ambidexterity ruined my sense of direction.” -Biz

“Floating on blasé sea of misdirection.” -miss_No

“Dad died, fathers’ adopted, compass lost.” -Jeff_Otto

“On the cusp without a compass.” -Bonnie_Kaplan

“I should have read the directions.” -smaratta

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