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  1. Liz B

    What a jerk. I used to have a neighbor who once banged on our door clutching a steel rod and sobbing because she was convinced our other neighbors were cooking crack in their kitchen and funneling it into her water supply to kill her. I’m not sure which neighbor is worse.

  2. jahfurry

    HA!. exquisitely rendered, dreamygood and funny…

  3. Tim Hamilton

    Very nice Miss. How I hate your old neighbor!!!

  4. Amber

    Your date is Rorschach!

    … I want MY date to be Rorschach! That’s awesome!

  5. Rod McKie

    That’s exceptionally good. Best thing I’ve seen and read in a while. I really love how it looks.

  6. dave roman

    Great comic!
    And awesome Chianna from Farscape costume!

  7. josh

    Great piece! Really excellent — I can’t believe you offered to let her sleep it off on your couch!

    How did I miss this when it first ran? I must’ve been in some drunk logic fugue state.

  8. Maricris

    I love your style in your comic. The neighbor reminds me of some crazy bitches in college. I couldn’t stand them! I imagines doing similar things but instead of a hammer, I used heels.

  9. Maddie Ward

    Enjoyed the comic, nice stuff. I actually like drunk people. It brings out the “cool mom” in me. As long as their not violent drunks. But hey at 3am on halloween, someone with less restraint would have been swinging that hammer.

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  11. Fibromyalgia sufferer

    Well using a hammer is ok is cheap and you can throw it away but the blood everywhere is hard to clean up just give her a lot of pills next time?

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  14. Hemroid

    Well would have called the cops before resorting to the hammer but when you are pissed it happens. People really are that rude and self centered though.

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