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  1. Thomas Baehr

    Just beautiful.

  2. josh

    Beautiful, seamless merger of words and pictures. I especially liked the different type/lettering treatments of the voiceover narration and the dialogue. And the art is just elegaic.

  3. Timm Hamilton

    You guys are a great team.

    You both took hold of my heart, and tore it in half like a
    wish bone.

  4. Tim Hall

    Thanks so much for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Rami took the story to a whole new level.

  5. Tim Hall

    Meant to add: if you’d like to see a short clip from that interview, of Ralph singing one of his cowbow songs, it’s here:


  6. Michel Fiffe

    This is a very well told and beautifully drawn personal account. A couple of my favorite modern writers and artists, Tim and Rami, you have awesomely documented this memory.

    Not only is it well executed, but it’s very loving and respectful. The additional video clip was so devastating! Tim, this is an excellent piece all around.

  7. Steven Fuentes

    Cool stuff. With the video clip, it REALLY becomes more real and I get the whole idea. That’s a pretty good idea, kind of interactive comix.

  8. Tim Hall

    Thanks, Steven, I’m glad the video enhanced the story and didn’t detract from it at all.

    And Mike, that’s wonderful high praise, coming from you–remember, I knew you when!

  9. Martha Garvey

    Gorgeous. Very poignant. Glad for the video, too.

  10. Leo McGovern

    Awesome. Page 5 is my favorite.

  11. MeGo (Melissa Gould)

    Very moving.

  12. Jeanette Cheezum


  13. Maricris

    I love how this was all put together. Beautiful.

  14. Dream Train « Rami Efal

    [...] http://www.smithmag.net/nextdoorneighbor/2008/06/30/story-7/ [...]

  15. Travel Company

    I love this dream train picture. Even the copyright over it makes it that much more powerful.

  16. Tim Hall

    Thank you all for your kind words, they mean a lot.

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  18. Fibromyalgia sufferer

    The mono color did not work for me very well. I guess I am used to multicolor strips.

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  21. Hemroid

    Very interesting story most old people would rather die in the same house than move.

  22. Mark Cunningham Trucor

    Families are to mobile these days. The do not keep houses more than a few years so passing down a house for 123 years is not really going to happen much anymore. I think it is a shame but since I have moved many times myself just know the days of the family farm and home are pretty much gone.

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