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  1. Simon Fraser

    Your precise attention to detail really makes these tiny moments, momentous.
    Great work Thomas.

  2. Jim D.

    Huh. Weird. nicely done!

  3. Nathan

    quirky, droll. Great work, Thomas!

  4. Joan Reilly

    Well-done, Thomas! It left me wanting to know more. The ending seems more like a cliff-hanger. Write another chapter and put it on ACT-I-VATE–even if you have to take it into the realm of fiction, it’s an interesting way to start a story.

  5. Tim

    I love your style, Thomas.

  6. Tim Hamilton

    It’s unnerving and creepy and soothing all at the same time.


  7. Barbara

    love your drawing, want to know more about these people. Love how you do your work and the use of negative space. Bravo

  8. Laurel

    This could have been written about the isolation of my marriage… I think that ending is so bleakly hopeful.

  9. Thomas Baehr

    I thank everybody so much!

    And to Laurel, well, I feel sorry for poking in your eye with that. Um … There is hope, right?!?

  10. Jeanette Cheezum

    I don’t know which is the best? The comic or the comments.

  11. kevin gilmore

    hey thomas. nice work! i particularly like the little details like the particular set of Koh-I-Nor pens on the desk.

    The lint roller comment at the beginning leads me to believe that the guy just wanted to watch his movie in peace…

    My guess - she wanted him to go look in the fridge and check to see if we…i mean they needed milk.

  12. Tim Whitcher

    Later he recieved a call from the police. Her body was found in her car at a 7 Eleven….


    Engrossing story.

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    Loved the story! It felt slow at first then realized that was part of its charm.

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