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  1. Simon Fraser

    Wow, that was really…wow.
    Love AND Rockets!
    Best Tim Hamilton story EVER!

  2. Joan Reilly

    Tim, I agree with Simon. Anyone who ever questioned your storytelling abilities should read this one, which is told perfectly–pacing, tone, everything is spot-on. I love it. Please submit this to the “Best American Comics” series judges…

  3. Nick Bertozzi

    Tim, I’m intrigued by the idea that Lynda’s sadness was invisible to you in comparison to what you’d gone through. I think there’s a much longer story in that.

    The art has so many ideas in it all at once–completely inspiring to me!

  4. Christian Dumais

    This was amazing.

    Fantastic work, Tim.

  5. MIKE Cavallaro

    To quote Roberto Benigni, “It’s a sad and beautiful world”.

  6. Michel Fiffe

    Tim, this really is your best piece ever. At least as much as your completed stories go. The art and story are beautiful.

    You are a master comix person… and you are an inspiration, fer sure.

  7. natsch

    Very evocative. Loved the style you used too, the colors are beautiful.

    Excellent work!

  8. Maurice Fontenot

    Great, great, great! Thanks for sharing a little bit of you, Tim.

  9. Jim H.

    Yikes. It’s a little weird to read this after having seen it go down for real. Probably ups the flinch factor. AFAIK, only the names and hairstyles have been changed. (The kitchen window is certainly the same.)

    Well done. If everybody only knew how many other good stories are floating around the edges of this one…!

  10. Thomas Baehr

    Wow, very personal stuff.

  11. P.S.

    This story is raw. And lovely. Very well done.

  12. Tim Hamilton

    I can’t reply to each comment on this thread, so:

    Thanks Simon and Fiffe, for giving me cause give up comics as I have now done my “best comic ever.’

    Thanks Joan. You will never question my abilities again!
    : )

    Poor Nick, You know too much for me to let you live…

    And to all who read and commented here or in person. Thanks for all the positive feed back. It wasn’t really a “Fun” story to work on, but I’m happy with the results.

  13. Kevin Colden

    Tim -

    This a really amazing piece of work, even for you. Masterful.

  14. Steve Fuentes

    This is really great, Tim. The story flows very nicely and the art really compliments it a lot. I agree that this is one of the best comics I’ve read of yours.

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  16. josh

    Dude, excellent piece. What you do so well here is evoke incredibly emotionally-laden topics — sickness, the death of a parent, heartbreak — without indulging in those emotions. You leave it to the reader to bring their own experience to bear. Understated and elegant. Well done.

    And, again, after Kat Roberts’ piece, another unexpected take on the idea of the next-door neighbor.

  17. Tim Hamilton

    Thanks Josh.
    What you said. That’s what I was aiming for.


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  19. Paul Peart-Smith

    A simply told, complex story with achingly beautiful art and emotionally affecting too. This piece is a wonder. When people deride comics, this should be placed in front of them. Congratulationn Tim!

  20. Fibromyalgia sufferer

    That was a decent strip. I liked it that it had color others here did not bother thank you.

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  22. Burn after reading... - Forbidden Planet Blog

    [...] on the webcomics collective Act-I-Vate and for his contribution to the consistently fascinating Next Door Neighbor series on SmithMag, has been busy adapting a prose work to the graphical medium. Nothing new in [...]

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