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  1. Joan Reilly

    This is a pleasure to read. I love the art–interesting to see you working in a different, more impressionistic style. Great storytelling too.

  2. natsch

    Cool! Definitely takes me to another place. Love the world-view drawing (with cows) and the coloring.

  3. Tim Hamilton

    Yes, what Joan said. More of that art style would be a great thing! This was a nice view into another world. Almost journalism in a way. I’m sure you have many other stories like this to tell.

  4. Michel Fiffe

    You definitely have more stories like this under your sleeve, I know it. It is your duty to document such affairs. Especially the one that involves Frida (right?), a ball, and a dirty nail.

    You bring great artistic depth with this chapter, an unprecedented move given your usual larger than life appeal. With the “Down to Earth”, you deliver greatness, and we are richer for it.

  5. Bertozzi

    You are an awful tease–this should have been sixty pages.

  6. Muddy

    I like this one Si, nice to the point little essay style piece.

    The art style reminds me of another 2000AD artist. LOT different from what we normally see from you.

  7. josh

    Wow, Simon, brilliant stuff!! Beautifully told and rendered (for some reason, I particularly love the panel of Mr. copying movies from his TV). The artwork is exquisite! As Nick said, 60 pp. of this story might do it justice.

    Some day over a beer I’d love to hear more tales of your life in far-flung places.

  8. The week in webcomics (14-20 September 2008) | paddybrown.co.uk

    [...] Fraser gives us an account of his time living in Tanzania, at Next Door Neighbour Webcomix, as well as the latest installment of Lilly MacKenzie and the [...]

  9. tim

    Fantastic, Simon. I second Bertozzi, wish this were taken out to book length.

  10. Paul Peart-Smith

    I see you got your crazy brushes out! Fits really well with the subject, which would fo been undermined by more “polished” inking. Very diary -like. Lovely narrative , i COULD DEFINETLY READ MORE…hint hint!

  11. Maurice Fontenot

    Nice stuff, Simon. Interesting to read about life in a neighborhood a world away. I bet you have a lot of personal stories to tell.

  12. Verna D'Alto

    I thought I would not read one more thing tonight. I am getting blind from being tired. But reading Simon’s piece about Next Door Neighbor, was so refreshing and peaceful. I haven’t finished Lily MacKenzie; but I will do that when I am awake.
    Thanks Simon for this beautiful piece of work that was also beautifully illustrated.
    Verna D’Alto

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    Beautiful art and formatting to fit very well

  14. Fibromyalgia sufferer

    I have lived in other countries as well and as long as you were fair with the people I never had an issue. Good story.

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  20. solitaire

    Oh it looks nice. Thank you for sharing :) The art looks great!

  21. kissmanga

    I love the art–interesting to see you working in a different, more impressionistic style. Great storytelling too. I’m sure you have many other stories like this to tell.

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