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  1. Rick Parker

    In addition to being fun to look and and think about, Pekar and Remnant have given us a nice little lesson in vocabulary and drawing. Autobiographical and educational–it SATISFIES!

  2. Tara Seibel

    Great story and could only be pulled off by the level of clarity in the rendition that Joseph offers us.

  3. Tara Seibel

    Also, JR’s hand creates a “feeling” which is also important in this piece. nice goin’.

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  7. Pat

    Hmmm. We’re all entitled to our opinion, and this is a place to share it- thus said, I personally find it hard to see how this comic is ’satisfying’. Perhaps only in the way looking at a painting is satisfying- for me, one frame of silent ’story’ isn’t a comic, and while I am sure it is ‘well done’ I find budweiser commercial more interesting than this (and that’s sad, isn’t it?)

  8. Pat

    Woopsy, seems I’ve figured out how this works. Much more interesting now. Disregard the above- it’s now about as interesting as a budweiser commercial :P

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