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  1. Tara

    Rick, Nice colour and gorgeous light source. You really brought this story to life!

  2. John Cebollero

    Great job, Rick! A match made in heaven!

  3. Dean Haspiel

    Houston, we have a new Pekar artist.

    Bravo, Mr. Parker.

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    [...] sequence from “I.Q.,” drawn by Rick Parker and ©2009 Harvey [...]

  5. Maus

    Fresh and crisp. Like a one hour old McDLT!

  6. Da Meatis

    This is my favorite story in the pekar project so far.I admit to relating to Harvey on this one.”I don’t want to find out that I was dumber than I thought I was.”It is a honest comic.

  7. James Jajac

    Wow Rick Parker! This is stunning, I want more!!!


    [...] and I think this is some of my favorite Pekar stuff in a long time. I particularly like the Rick Parker stuff, just because it’s so colorful, detailed and huge — to print panels with such [...]

  9. kat

    great story. and, rick, your art is so well suited for this. i love it!

    also, that dog. oh my god.

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  13. Rick Parker

    Now that Harvey Pekar has died today at 70, I think people will find out (as I did) that he was a lot SMARTER than we thought he was.

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  15. Newelt & Haspiel featured on KoPoint Comics Podcast | Trip City

    [...] character. Also, I mention an unpublished Pekar moment, debuting here, drawn by Rick Parker, also a Pekar Project artist. Parker overheard Pekar when he complimented me on “smoothing” over a sticky situation, [...]

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