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  1. Tobi

    Amazing work…you manage to poignantly convey each character’s private orbit…what they were thinking, sensing, imagining. I love the project!

  2. Leo McGovern

    Only because my obsession with football is compelling me to do so, let me talk about page 10, which shows a giant New England Patriots poster on the wall. Just to clarify, I am first and foremost a Saints fan. I’ve had season tickets since 2001 and have watched every game since 1992, while devouring every shred of info on the team. My story with the Patriots is a long one and probably better-suited for another space — I just wanted to explain, without a doubt, that my favorite NFL teams are ranked: Saints no.1, Patriots no.2, and the 49ers, Rams and especially the Falcons ranked somewhere deep in the bowels of Hades.

  3. Leo McGovern

    Let me not forget, though, that Chapter 2 is superbly done. Great job, Josh!

  4. josh

    Leo, knowing your obsession with the Saints, I was wondering about those Pats posters on your wall (not to mention Pats action figures). So thanks for explaining (sort of).

  5. Randy Lander

    Josh, this looks great. It’s eerie reading this, knowing what was to come, especially given that I know Leo and Michelle. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  6. Elizabeth

    Again, I love the artwork. The attention to detail is amazing. The story is so personal. The characters seem very much like real people. And oh, those poor comics left behind…

  7. ben

    That room is just like miles’s

  8. Tapio Peltonen

    Will this comic be available in print? Please, pretty please make it available when it is finished. I would really like to have this in my collection, and I bet I’m not the only one.

  9. josh

    Tapio, fear not! Plans are afoot for a print edition of A.D., and we’ll be sure to let folks know the details when they’re all worked out.

  10. Scott Gimple

    Really, really great stuff. Looking forward to the next chapter and the eventual print edition.

  11. Dan Goldman

    Little details in everyone’s stories carry so much weight given what’s coming.

    Starting slow with the storm and then rewinding to focus on your characters… it’s like Instant Chekov.

  12. Stacy

    WOW. Chapter 2 has really sucked me into the vortex. Especially the comics and memorabilia. With the glances back and the are you sures, knowing what you know, your heart breaks a little.

    Excellent work.

  13. Kip and Rose

    Love your drawings. The hurricane really disrupted our lives. We couldn’t go outside and pee. Rose used a paper, but I held it until the winds died down. I wanted to go out when the eye passed, but Ken wouldn’t let me.

    Kip the bulldog
    Chapter 2, Page 9

  14. Marty

    Wow; incredible. You captured the essence of Leo and Michelle’s old apartment eerily well. I’d forgotten how much stuff they had down there…

    Additionally, Twiropa looks perfect, though I can’t imagine that few people there on a Latin night, even if it was two nights before the storm. Weird.

  15. Kitty

    I read Chapter One a while back and was very excited to see that Chapter Two is now up. This is a remarkable effort — the “impending” feeling is so strong in Chapter Two, brings up a lot of emotions.

    I’m a New Yorker who loves New Orleans and has tried to stay abreast of what is going on in the region, reading blogs and blogging over at Daily Kos about post-Katrina recovery. This is one of the finest projects I’ve encountered, really hits home. Thank you so much for this, and I will be eagerly awaiting more chapters and a print edition!

  16. josh

    Hey everyone, your comments have been really inspiring. This is truly a labor of love, and I’m sweating all the details because I want to get the feeling right. Your feedback is what makes it all worth while, so please keep it up!

  17. Tim Hamilton

    Nice. I really don’t want to read this with all the pets I see. I fear they’re
    not all going to make it out alive!
    Don’t make me cry, dammit.

    It’s solid work though.

  18. Amy

    The suspense was incredible reading this installation (the 2nd chapter), even knowing what was to come. The dogs yipping. The click of the door. The empty bar. It’s amazing how you are really forcing yourself to look back in this kind of specificity, rendering the actual concrete moments, the little details that really tell the story emotionally of how people might have experienced the event unfolding. I feel like the story is more poignant than ever told in this way since we’re now so far from thinking about it like this–the news cycle gone, the mess still there, people having moved on emotionally to the new tragedies of the day. There’s a real, spiritual gift in paying homage to what people went through like this and hopefully forcing many of us back to a place of conscious, empathetic response. Anyway, I could go on but I’m afraid I’m boring you. Very interesting angles and physical details in the frames, too. And I love the purple rather than black and white images. I have to think about what that evokes . . . there’s something about it.

    Congrats on this!

  19. Jameson Landon

    Loving the dogs in Leo’s and Michelle’s apartment. Part comic relief, part emotional metaphor. Nice touch.

  20. matt

    you really know how to make your audience squirm :) the frame of all the lovingly stacked trades and the long boxes made my stomach hurt.

  21. AJ

    Very good story. I love the way that the characters show their emotions and the facial expressions are awesome. How do you do it?

  22. izzy

    this was a good chapter i was really into what was going on hopefully the charactors are ok …. maybe..

  23. Pedro

    This panel makes me wonder which of my possessions I would pack if a natural disaster was looming. There is no way I could save everything I own but, I’d try to hoard as much as possible.
    Chapter 2

  24. Cesar

    Its powerful to see how each person tries to prepare, and how great the impending crisis seems to each person in their own little plain of existence.

  25. Krystal

    I like this particular image of the man’s facial expression because he doesn’t want to leave his valuables behind.

  26. Adrian

    I find this square to be ironic as this is most likely the last time Leo will see his comic books.

  27. Wolfy Wolfdog

    This is helpful information about levees around New Orleans and problems they caused throughout the storm. A levee is a man-made area that raises water above a flood plane. The 17th St. Canal collapsed just before over filling. This story doesn’t revolve around the storm, but the after effects of the levees failures. Most stories in the book are made more emotional and interesting because flooding from the levees. The story is about the deluge, or severe flooding, of New Orleans, and can be seen in the title.

  28. Irma, Harvey, Katrina—when it comes to hurricanes, what goes around, comes around | Josh Neufeld

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  29. bob marley

    bad story

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