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  1. Joy Katz

    That frame with the rats in the trees is chilling!

  2. josh

    I’m glad that came across. When Hamid mentioned to me that little detail abouts seeing rats in trees, I immediately knew I had to get it in there

  3. Dino

    The reality of the situation is perfectly conveyed. I wouldn’t know what to do and how to react if I suddenly confronted the fact that my stuff, my friends & family, my world, was changed….forever.

  4. Dylan


    You’ve done a good job of the gradual slide from normal everyday into sheer hell - which makes it all the more real, as a reader.

    Recently finished watching Spike Lee’s 4-part doco about Katrina, too. So it’s all looming large in my sense of significant events.

    Also thinking about how the America that was worst hit by Katrina is the America that’s usually hidden from the mainstream media, and hence from the rest of the world’s notion of America. Every time I visit America, I’m struck by this: that the real place and people are so unlike the face America shows to the rest of the world (and maybe to itself?).

    Here’s to New Orleans - and all the people who helped you with this important book.

  5. josh

    Dean, Dylan - Thanks. Y’all sum it up so well.

  6. Janis

    New Orleans will always be my home, eventhough I moved away over a decade ago. I saw the aftermath briefly while getting my parents out of there—they had refused to leave.I saw most of the places I loved so much from childhood wiped out in a single day. Thanks for showing the unfolding of events for a few of the people who were trapped, abandoned, ignored, and left to live or die by the social system that is supposed to be in place for the good of all people.

  7. Tim Hamilton

    Really like that helicopter panel!
    That last scene’s creepy…

  8. Jahfurry

    Just re-read the whole thing up to this and could not stop thus the… 5:35am timestamp. What a gutwrenching slowburn, surreal and real.

  9. Joel

    Great work! It’s really interesting how you use links to other sites within the story – it creates an interactive and immediate experience that could only really happen via the Internet. Also, the focus on each particular panel, as well as the breaking down into short episodes, gives them a different emphasis than they’ll have when the series is collected as a book and the reader can move through the story at their own pace. This makes the web version reading experience a unique one and something new to comics, I think. Beyond the technical aspects though, it’s still the intense, wrenching story and your artistry in putting it together that makes the series so compelling. Keep up the fantastic work!

  10. Jim D.

    I, too, am a big fan of that helicopter panel. It’s ominous, and yet conveys distance, as in “help ISN’T on the way.”

    Oh, and I really like your lettering, too. Have I ever told you that?

  11. Gamberro

    I like how you didn’t go out of the way to convey skin tone, despite the multiple ethnicities in the strip.
    While linkage isn’t a new idea, it’s used quite effectively in here. The mosquito spray one was pretty funny, too.

  12. nola

    We were trapped on our farm in Waldheim with no way out and really scared. We saw a helicopter and started jumping up and down waving shirts like you see in the movies. I don’t even know why…

  13. Liz

    I just read all of the chapters in ten minutes. Amazing work all the way through. Officially have a new fan.

  14. Joan Reilly

    Josh, this is so very good. A moving and important story, conveyed in a real, intimate, human way. Amazing! I am dually inspired: as a reader, caught up in the story and wondering what will come next, despite what I know from the “news,” and as a fellow creator, hoping to someday make something that will move people the way this does.

  15. Pamela

    I am doing a color study on your book for class and needed to know why you chose the different colors for the characters? is there a meaning behind it? I see you use the primary and secondary colors. Btw I really enjoyed the book! Hope to hear back soon thx.

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