Link: U.C. Berkeley levee breech simulation

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  1. Gardenstate Kate

    This story is beautifully realized and executed. It is concise and yet replete with detail. I am looking forward to being able to get a hard copy for the high school library I work in.
    Great work.

  2. Dean Haspiel

    Good grief. Don’t think I didn’t catch the irony [or, is that iron knee?] that one of ‘em was holding a box of water while standing thigh deep in Katrina deluge. And that bald dude is like a Hip-Hop Charlie Brown. Once again, Josh, you manage to bring levity to disaster which is probably the only way I could handle such devistation and horror. I think I might’ve stayed, too, to protect my goods and wares. Lil’ did they know. Impending doom never seemed so calm.

  3. josh

    Kate, Thanks for the kind observations. We do anticipate a book publication of A.D., and it would be my fondest wish for it to be available in libraries all over, a document in its own way of the story of Hurricane Katrina.

  4. josh

    Dino, Glad you dig Mansell’s Charlie Brown shirt. He needed a design down there, and that’s what came to mind (and pen).

    About the flooding: it seems that depending on which part of the city you lived in, the water came incredibly fast or sneakingly snow. In Uptown, where Hamid’s store is located, the water rose inch by inch, hour by hour. But in the end, the damage it wrought was just as devastating. With this chapter, I’m really trying to capture that creeping horror.

  5. New Orleans News Ladder

    Hey Y’all,
    I just can’t believe I haven’ seen this story until now! It is incredible. I was there at Roberts’ too.

    I posted today’s chapter onto the New Orleans News Ladder, after wondering if I should have started at the beginning, then figuring that your website can take care of bringing everyone up to date.

    I just launched the NO News Ladder last week and hope to kick it out daily for Nola News what-nots & griad’gris.
    Please check out the site and say hello. Let me know if you like it or don’t.

    I was living there for the storm + 6 days before escaping to Baton Rouge in a pick-up truck with dog Flora, guitar, back pack and bicycle. As yet still a nolafugee on the back hand path, a long and winding road home.

    Thank you,
    Bruce Biles

  6. josh

    Bruce, Thanks for posting, and all the best with NOLA News Ladder. The more peeps keeping folks informed about the situation the better, y’know? Happy Thanksgiving, and best of luck on your winding road back home.

  7. oreo

    immaculate ch. 8 ending… bzzz…curious but worried
    waiting for the flood

  8. Dean Haspiel

    Mosquitoes!?! NOOOOOOOO!!!

  9. Jenny

    This is an incredible piece of work, both artistically and in it’s immediate and visceral storytelling. I commend you for bringing this subject to the medium of the graphic novel, and doing it so well. I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

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  11. Hidden societies around us

    All the stories are full of horror, terror and mystery. The best scary stories which will chill you to the spine.

  12. Hidden societies around us

    Beautifully written

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