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  1. jim d.

    Great to see you back! Did you see Anthony Bourdain in NOLA the other night? Good stuff.

  2. Editor B

    Yeah, I remember that feeling…

  3. muttering

    I am interested in how you contrast the nightmares of loss and survival of the characters—Denise’s (almost) loss of life with Leo’s loss of stuff. Each is believably shaken to the core by their losses. Shows another permutation of the class divide in American society—even our ideas/nightmares of loss and recovery… Looking forward to more on this theme.

  4. Denise

    That’s a very astute reading. The thing is that our losses were not so different. My brother went to Jesuit High School, crossing the class divide. That picture of Jesuit under water is just as much a loss to me as the rest of what we experienced. I guess that’s what it means to lose a whole city. And remember, thousands of people actually lost their lives.

    Even so, the class distinctions are more apparent in the recovery than right after the storm. You gave me something to think about. Thanks.

  5. Jake N.

    It’s hard sometimes to find things to say that don’t sound trite. I’ve never experienced anything like this, but the combination of A.D. and reading Douglas Brinkley’s great book “The Great Deluge” makes me sad, angry, and proud. Sad at the losses people suffered, angry at … oh too much. Proud of the people that survived, helped others, and are continuing to tell their story.

    Please keep making sure everyone knows what people went through, and how they survived. Only by learning from stories like these can we stop them from having to be told again.

  6. Nabei

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  7. clash of clans

    Excellent work!

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