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  1. VoodooGuru

    On the edge of my gas-lift…

  2. James Landon

    Is it just me, or does the character of Leo seem to have a really weak stomach? He was throwing up in the first panel and now he looks kind of motion-sick. Nice art there, he looks really shaky. I got sort of queasy.

  3. Tim Hamilton

    This a well told tale Josh.

  4. josh

    So James, who’s got the weak stomach here: Leo or you? Were you made quesy by thinking about being stuck in the car for nine hours, or by being slobbered by Leo & Michelle’s dog, Chloe? Heh.

    Thanks for checking in!

  5. James Landon

    Well, I’m sure Chloe is very nice. Credit your excellent art. I get nausea just from hanging around people that are nauseous. Nice job. Really like the characters.

  6. alane

    Josh, this is an incredible work. I, too, cannot wait for the next installment. My brother lives on East 2nd St in Long Beach, MS. His house took 3ft of storm surge but at least there was a house to repair. Everything to south of 2nd St is gone. Like I had never, ever, seen gone. Thanks for telling the story. Americans are too quick to forget.

  7. Matthew

    Hi, I just wanted to say that your work has captivated me. It is amazing how quickly the atrocity of those days fades from memory. Bravo for opening the wound and reminding us, in a uniquely personal way, of the horror that these people, these families, this city, faced. When we forget these things we become complacent, we stop paying attention to whether our governments (local, state, and federal) are keeping up their end of the bargain: we give them tax money and comply with laws and they keep us safe and ensure a continuous civil society. I have to give props too that you did not forget that the entire gulf coast was devastated by this storm, not just New Orleans. I hope you have an email list to let us all know when you finish chapter 5!

  8. Malevil

    Amazing work.

  9. Joseph

    Yes, please let me know when Chapter 5 is available. Beautifully drawn and constructed narrative. I look forward to seeing where it goes…

  10. Meredith

    I just want to say that this effort is amazing. When I read a chapter, my stomach tightens like it did during the storm and I remember how crazy it all was. This is a record. This is a record of what everyone went through. And sometimes it really hurts to read about it. But thanks for writing it. Thank you so much.

  11. josh

    Thanks, everyone, for your encouraging comments. It means a lot — and especially to hear from those of you who lived through Katrina.

  12. erica r

    I don’t what else to say except that you really captured the moment(s) here. My family was going through some of these issues during Katrina, though they did not have damage because they were outside of N.O. Me, I just sat here helpless in California. I turned into a mental case just staring at my monitor each day watching the WWL web feed.

    Thank you for this excellent work of art and history.

  13. Albonie

    Hi, I picked up one of your comics that you signed at the AME in NOLA last week and liked it so much I wanted to read your other work. But some things don’t make sense– why does the black kid fill his tub with water before he evacuates? He won’t need it!
    Otherwise this is an excellent comic, it looks just like New Orleans and is so realistic… a lot of the rest of the country doesn’t understand why anyone would stay behind and thinks those who did were foolish, or that it’s stupid for the city to even exist here. Hopefully this will give them some perspective… I can’t wait to see where your story is going with this, I’m only up to Chapter 4 right now.
    Anyway thanks for writing this and taking the time to come back for the media expo!

  14. josh

    Hey Albonie, Thanks for checking out A.D. and for your kind comments. As far as why Kevin filled the tub, he was expecting that he’d only be gone a couple of days, and in case the water was turned off or there was no power, having some extra water in the tub would be a valuable asset. As it turned out, though, you’re right: they didn’t need it. Since their whole house was flooded.

  15. Chris Stefano

    This is a story that needed to be told. And it’s still not over. But it’s sad that such an overwhelming tragedy is forgotton.

    Love the drawing style Josh and it’s obvious that you are a master story teller. You put a lot of work into this and it shows.

    Can’t wait to read the rest…

    Best Wishes,

    Chris Stefano

  16. Noraliz Casanova

    This particular scene for me is the best one in the whole comic book.
    It is in fact very overwhelming, I believe many families were in this exact situation, and all the responsibility relied on parents since children were younger and not mature enough to predict what was going to happen next.
    Living your home, your belongings your memories and material stuff its certainly something very challenging.
    His father response its harsh and determined, and thats what makes this scene so dramatic, because the boys were expecting another answer.

  17. Debbie Hipolito

    The detail and thruth-ness that is given to us through this illustration is great and makes the moment come to life and sinks in the sense of what happened, when this happened.

  18. Debbie H.

    Great detail and rawness. Showing how in a sense the people of N.O. weren’t fully prepared for what was coming as none of us ever are for what is put in front of us.

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    awesome comic.

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