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“Muddled through life, confused but unbroken.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Friday, December 31st, 2010

By Larry Smith

At the start of a new year in a new decade, we set resolutions for what we wish to change in ourselves (in six words and more). With a war, positive social changes and a fluctuating economy, the first decade of the new millennium will surely make the history books. As the story of 2010 is written, we suggest that there’s a small place in its time capsule for your powerful and inspiring Six-Word Memoirs. Here are six six-worders we love from the week ending December 31. Click on each author’s name to check out more memoirs.

Worst Parental Nightmare: “The kids moved back. Economy stupid.” —Iralarry
Most Heartwarming: “Best gift: Mum’s home for Christmas.” —Oopsalittle (profile picture above)
Most Therapeutic: “Used tissues. Filled diary. Chocolate bars.” —A Friend, from SMITHTeens
Best Resolution for 2011: “I will make negativity my bitch.”—Scarecrow, from Six-Word Resolutions
Most Inspiring: “Muddled through life, confused but unbroken.” —Debtwo
Most Modern-Day Problem: “Grandkids on Facebook. Too much information.” —Willie

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