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  1. Tim Hamilton

    Nice work Josh.
    A very well done prologue. I very much look fwd to the main story.
    Starting out the story with this big picture of the storm and the city
    was a smart way to go. I feel at least.

  2. josh

    Tim, Thanks for that! Much of the rest of the story will cover our characters’ personal experiences, as well as issues relating to government response (or lack thereof). Given that, I feel it is vitally important to portray the storm as an unstoppable force, just to remind people that the origins of the Katrina story began with nature’s fury.

  3. JahFurry

    WOW. You’d think, being somewhat involved in this project would mitigate the piece’s punch, but no, this chapter was a whammy….portentious, chilling, and elegant.

  4. Neal

    Great illustration and art. Consistent, visible and quality. I look forward to the next chapters. Its good to see someone doing a comic about this.

  5. Carl

    I am greatly impressed with what I have seen so far. I’ve mentioned it in my own blog and have sent emails to some folks whom I feel will also be interested in this. Hurricane Katrina affected both my wife and myself directly and indirectly. We have many relatives, friends and aquaintances around the Gulf Coast region that suffered due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. My inlaws lost their home in Gulfport, MS and now live in Biloxi, MS. My brother lost his home in Slidell, LA. My cousin’s house was heavily damaged in the rural town of Waynesboro, MS and was without electricity for over 2 months. Fortunately for us, none of the people we know lost their lives in the storms but some were injured. My wife and I didn’t get a chance to go over there until June of 2006. While we were there, we drove to many places from Waveland to East Biloxi that meant a lot to us. I made sure to take many pictures and eventually posted some of them on my blog along with commentary and memories. It grew to an 11-part series. In a way it was therapeutic.

    I look forward to future installments of A.D.

  6. Carl

    I forgot to mention it, but if anyone is interested in those pictures I took, do a search on my blog for the keywords “Biloxi” & “trip” and the entries will come up. Please leave some comments. My blog is a minor one that doesn’t get too much traffic so leaving comments would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Cree

    Fine work, Josh. JahFurry said it best: “portentous, chilling and elegant.” I especially like the way you captured the fury of the manmade disaster that ensued when the Army Corps levee breaches unleashed the torrents upon New Orleans.

  8. josh

    Carl, thanks for your comments. I’m very sad to hear about the travails of you and your family in regards to the 2006 hurricane season. I don’t know if you caught it, but I have some personal experience in that region as well, as I worked as a Red Cross volunteer for almost a month shortly after Katrina. I was based in Biloxi/Gulfport, which is a big reason why I am making sure to include elements of that story in “A.D.” as well. I want to make sure to remind folks that the hurricane’s effects weren’t centered just on New Orleans. I’ll definitely take a look at your photos from the region, and may just end up using one or two as reference in future chapters. Stay tuned!

  9. josh

    Hey Cree! Nice to hear from you, and glad you approve of “A.D.” so far. I very much appreciate you and Jeff “JahFurry”’s extremely generous words of praise! P.S. Thanks again for a fun evening back in your place in January. You guys have quite a pad — and it was a much-needed break from all our running around. (Still using my “Defend New Orleans” beer cozy!)

  10. Batocchio

    Wow! Fine work.

  11. g

    JOSH, I love this image. I would love to partner with you. I am a local new orleanian and I am doing a show about Hurricane Katrina. PLEASE CONTACT ME!

  12. maeday76

    thank you for addressing the fact that Mississippi experienced the storm too. N.O. got all the attention, and still does…no one remembers the devastation to the east. we got pwnd. it was awful.

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