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Six-Word Caption Contest #11 (and winner #10)

Monday, November 26th, 2012

By Larry Smith

And you thought you had a wild night? SMITH and Shutterfly’s Six-Word Caption Contest continues as we seek your six words that describe the situation you see here by 5pm EST on Friday. One punch-drunk six-word scribe will win a gift certificate for $50 for Shutterfly. Leave your six-word caption in the comments area below. Each entry should be separate comment and you can submit up to 10 entries; read the official rules for more details.

Last week more than 250 scribes cooked up captions to describe the photo you see in this blog post. And the winning six is:“The recipe only called for a pinch.”
by Freddy. And a close, well-timed second (with a prize TBA if SenoRAH gets in touch) goes to: “What happens when Hostess hires non-union.” Thanks to everyone for kicking it into high gear before the holidays.

Plus: In or near NYC? Check out a SMITH Live story show on Dec. 6 at the amazing 92nd Street Y. You’ll hear stories from Elizabeth Wurtzel, Deborah Copaken Kogan, Anthony Giglio, Lynn Harris, Rachel Sklar, the poet Jane Shore and more. SMITH members can use the code “SMITH” when you buy tickets for a discount.

195 responses

  1. Miss Sally says:

    Man dies. Cardiac arrest. Woman trapped.

  2. Kaylen Directioner says:

    Can we stop being crazy now

  3. TeaTopper says:

    Bar was lowered for these two.

  4. Gerri says:

    Hurry up. Take Picture. Being crushed.

  5. Gerri says:

    She needs a FACE LIFTed off.

  6. Sima Matthes says:

    Drinking on an empty head again.

  7. Staraj says:

    “Far out! Our drinks are sideways!”

  8. NumbrOneAunt says:

    Dang! We won’t remember a THING!

  9. Litsa Dremousis says:

    New sitcom! “Empty Glasses, Full Bladders”.

  10. H2point0 says:

    Silly Rabbit! Alcohol is for adults!

  11. H2point0 says:

    Bottoms up! Faces down. Fun commence!

  12. JAD says:

    Get your freaking head off mine!

  13. JAD says:

    Too bombed out to sit up.

  14. JAD says:

    Who will be driving us home?

  15. JAD says:

    Toast to others in same boat.

  16. JAD says:

    Let her up she’ll fall down.

  17. Jules says:

    What happens when Siamese twins drink.

  18. Cat says:

    I am going to kill her

  19. rabbithole says:

    Unusually tricky zombies ordered actual Zombies.

  20. rabbithole says:

    Careful! Relationship might freeze that way.

  21. rabbithole says:

    Their French kissing needs some work.

  22. rabbithole says:

    Updating my relationship status to “Embarrassing.”

  23. rabbithole says:

    My least favorite Kama Sutra position.

  24. Robin Slick says:

    Drink responsibly or become human sandwich.

  25. Mzejay says:

    The beginning of a beautiful hangover.

  26. audrey bernhard says:

    Who knew drinking made better pictures

  27. Martin says:

    “how could this happen once again?”

  28. Martin says:

    Thumb wrestling takes a bizarre twist

  29. Meg says:

    I’m learning so much at college!

  30. fetch says:

    Alas, they were never sober again.

  31. Kimberly G says:

    This is definitely going on Facebook!

  32. Kimberly G says:

    Drinking equals wild crazy silly friends!

  33. Kimberly G says:

    Someone help me! I’m being crushed!

  34. Kimberly G says:

    I’m not drunk enough for this!

  35. Elledeegee says:

    One drink, two drinks, you stink!

  36. TODD says:


  37. dancer says:

    Look at the Paparazzi …act natural !!!!!

  38. banjodan says:

    This is my last Personals Ad!

  39. Jill says:

    “One more” turned into too many.

  40. vunje says:

    Look, my drink is full from this angle.

  41. vunje says:

    I can see Alaska from here.

  42. vunje says:

    Time to go back to our job at the ammunitions plant.

  43. Autumn22 says:

    Is the self timer actually working?

  44. Autumn22 says:

    No, really, they said this is how the camera works

  45. Autumn22 says:

    Saying “cheese” is so yesterday. This is better, trust me!

  46. Autumn22 says:

    No matter how this picture turns out, my nails will look good!

  47. Autumn22 says:

    I’m really rethinking this whole Christmas card photo idea.

  48. Autumn22 says:

    I thought what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas?

  49. PV Harrington says:

    I knew joint earrings wouldn’t work!

  50. Soph says:

    This moment will cease to exist.

  51. LeAnna says:

    I can hear the ocean, Really!

  52. TeaTopper says:

    Aftermath of “Drinks on the house”.

  53. Christy says:

    Want to lick your beer mustache!

  54. Christy says:

    I really DO NOT know her.

  55. Christy says:

    Fallen and we can’t get up!

  56. Christy says:

    One sip and she’s gone under!

  57. Christy says:

    See, I still have my tonsils!

  58. Christy says:

    These really ARE my sexy eyes!

  59. Christy says:

    Who ordered the double decker heads?

  60. Christy says:

    Look very deeply into my eyes.

  61. Christy says:

    She said this would be fun!

  62. Christy says:

    This was absolutely, entirely her idea!

  63. jeffkoa says:

    Oh indeed, it is spinning fast.

  64. songwriter says:

    From diapers together to drinks together.

  65. songwriter says:

    Hard day at work. Obvious solution.

  66. Sue B says:

    My glass half-empty? Half-full? Who cares?

  67. Sue B says:

    My Hurricane blew us right over!

  68. TeaTopper says:

    Maybe it’s time for an intervention.

  69. Angie Haider says:

    For a longer straw, say uncle.

  70. Soph says:

    Wind blows, trees shiver, leaves fall.

  71. Soph says:

    Born, live, die. How very interesting.

  72. Soph says:

    Want more. Still want more. MORE!!!

  73. Soph says:

    Live until death, then in death.

  74. Kayla says:

    Some wild stuff happened that night.

  75. Kayla says:

    At least I’ll remember the picture!

  76. LeAnna says:

    Couples that drink together, stick together.

  77. LeAnna says:

    Fraternal Siamese twins enjoy night out.

  78. maryjane31 says:

    Toasting to something wonderful I’ll bet.

  79. Kylah says:

    Why is the camera down there?

  80. Kylah says:

    Is that his insurance card?

  81. DaveL says:

    I hate when the tripod slips

  82. DaveL says:

    30 seconds and it’s a new record!

  83. KFitty says:

    Are you sure you’re a chiropractor?

  84. maryjane31 says:

    Pretending to have fun. Really not.

  85. Miss Sally says:

    2012 Dumb and Dumber Contest Finalists

  86. Miss Sally says:

    He-e-elp! Get this moron off me!!

  87. Jesi says:

    He could really use a Q-Tip!

  88. Jesi says:

    Gravity really sucks!

  89. mzejay says:

    One tequilla, two tequilla, next floor.

  90. 12NARMY says:

    we are crazy how about you?

  91. maryjane31 says:

    Will hate ourselves in the morning.

  92. maryjane31 says:

    We are partying for….hmm…..forgot!

  93. H2point0 says:

    Somehow, she never saw it coming.

  94. H2point0 says:

    Crazy? Free. Everything else, there’s Mastercard.

  95. H2point0 says:

    Flipped. Not quite the Spiderman kiss.

  96. Caleigh Denmark says:

    Look at me! look at me!

  97. Caleigh Denmark says:

    Are you sure this is o.g?

  98. Caleigh Denmark says:

    Look stanger, I am an octopus!

  99. Caleigh Denmark says:

    Staring contest one two three *blink*

  100. Caleigh Denmark says:

    Head is to Heavy to lift.

  101. Caleigh Denmark says:

    Why did I marry her - money

  102. Caleigh Denmark says:

    Swear to dunk I’m not god

  103. Kaylen Directioner says:

    i was going to save later

  104. Kaylen Directioner says:

    we just meet and got drunk

  105. Caleigh Denmark says:

    Grammy, poppy is that really you…

  106. Kaylen Directioner says:

    my tongue gose up gravity down

  107. Kaylen Directioner says:

    i thought this was orange jucie

  108. Kaylen Directioner says:

    first night on a Carrabean cruise

  109. Kaylen Directioner says:

    credit card bill unpaied this month

  110. maryjane31 says:

    Look at us, we’re pathetic drunks!

  111. flossntoss says:

    Totally drink you under the table.

  112. Kayla says:

    We’re dazed by the old days

  113. Kayla says:

    This? It is just another night.

  114. Kayla says:

    Drinks on me, I’m on you

  115. Kayla says:

    Glad we can be weird together.

  116. Kayla says:

    not just crazy, crazy in love!

  117. Kayla says:

    Do we look hot like this?

  118. Janet Smith says:

    Drunk love always wins in’d end.

  119. Janet Smith says:

    No occifer; what drinking? maybe him

  120. tallyg26 says:

    Non-alcoholic drinks. There’s no excuse.

  121. PlanetClaire says:

    Twister Game Night! Left foot yellow.

  122. qwerty says:

    He dribbles. A lot.

  123. Jane Hallowell says:

    I Love You More Than Drunk

  124. Val says:

    Hey,shink dis camera on????

  125. Tina Marshall says:

    Thats not my knee your touching!

  126. Eric says:

    I’m drunk, and you’re still ugly.

  127. Mary says:

    “I got you my pretty!”

  128. Mary says:

    “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”

  129. Mary says:

    “Heads up” is so overrated…

  130. Mary says:

    This make my head look smaller?

  131. Mary says:

    Found on “texts from last night.”

  132. Mary says:

    My drinks bigger than my head!

  133. Mary says:

    Have you heard of personal space?

  134. Mary says:

    They missed the “drink responsible” label.

  135. Mary says:

    We’ll never remember but never forget

  136. Mary says:

    Evil creeper meets damnsal in distress.

  137. RM says:

    Bound by the Booze we Bought!

  138. RM says:

    Boozed, Bound, Bent, Bloated and Belching

  139. SanctifiedPrincess says:

    “Look at what I can do!”

  140. Jenni says:

    Never trade drinks with a girl!

  141. Jenni says:

    It’s rare to just be yourself.

  142. Jenni says:

    Love makes you do silly things

  143. Jenni says:

    Join us tonight for a goodtime

  144. Jenni says:

    Big man at night, and morning.

  145. Jenni says:

    It’s time, for a good time.

  146. malu says:

    It 5 o’clock somewhere, not here

  147. Anthony T says:

    On top now. On Top Later.

  148. YOLANDA says:


  149. Diane says:

    Oh, now I get it. Sideways…

  150. Amy says:

    Too drunk to sit up strait.

  151. Amy says:

    HELP! drunk and can’t get up!

  152. Amy says:

    Can you hear what I’m thinking???

  153. Amy says:

    Yeah… so, who are you again?

  154. YOLANDA says:


  155. Amy says:

    That’s right, I’m getting laid tonight!

  156. Amy says:

    So, who’s going to drive home?

  157. Amy says:

    I hope this isn’t on Facebook!

  158. Amy says:

    so… yeah, this is really awkward.

  159. Amy says:

    We’re perfectly capable of driving home!

  160. Amy says:

    Surprised we haven’t gotten thrown out!

  161. KAREN says:

    HEYYYY, your left nostril is missing!

  162. Chelsea C. says:

    “From this direction, glass half full!”

  163. mnmkid says:

    Recreational Forecast: Silly tonight/Sick tomorrow

  164. K says:

    Wait! I think I see light!…

  165. Danny says:

    Talk about the glass Half full!!

  166. Danny says:

    Why did he drink so fast?

  167. Danny says:

    In pursuit of all things sideways

  168. Danny says:

    its just another point of view

  169. Danny says:

    We should probably drink some more

  170. Danny says:

    P - A - R - T -Y yeah!!!

  171. Danny says:

    um why are you so surprised?

  172. Danny says:

    Didn’t read the memo? Tongue’s out!

  173. Danny says:

    i should of been on top

  174. Danny says:

    Next time… We are going shopping!

  175. Geo says:

    Guess which drink has the alcohol

  176. Geo says:

    Is your drink sideways too?

  177. Geo says:

    Why is the bartender ignoring us?

  178. Geo says:

    I can’t feel my toes either

  179. Lisa says:

    Buy me a round, or else

  180. Kat says:

    The double back slammer tequila squeeze

  181. Kat says:

    Shoot it back…. Slam it down

  182. Amber says:

    Simese twins in need of AA

  183. Amber says:

    Sideways 2: Because the first sucked

  184. JMD says:

    Making eyes, melting ice.

  185. Roxanne says:

    Drank so much my HEAD is heavy!

  186. Jay says:

    Raise your glass to us too!

  187. SAF says:

    I’ll drink you under the table

  188. Simona Mc says:

    What did we do & where?

  189. Simona Mc says:

    Ain’t life GRAND?

  190. Simona Mc says:

    Come on big boy! Lets GO!

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