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Six-Word Caption Contest #10 (and winner #9)

Monday, November 19th, 2012

By Larry Smith

As SMITH and Shutterfly’s Six-Word caption contest cruises into the holiday season, I can’t help but think of some of the messes I made a a boy around this time of year. When I was two, to name one of many incidents, I unplugged the refrigerator the night before Thanksgiving. But enough about me. Let’s talk about the two kids in this pic. Give them a good look and then write the six words you think best sum up the situation by 5pm EST on Friday. One savvy six-word scribe will win a gift certificate for $50 for Shutterfly. Leave your six words that get to the essence of the photo you see here in the comments area below. You can submit up to 10 entries; read the official rules for more details.

Last you raced against the clock to describe the photo you see in this blog post. And the winning six is: “Next car: Nancy Drew blue roadster,” by favepeep. Thanks to everyone for taking a spin with us last week.

Plus: In or near NYC? Check out a SMITH Live story show on Dec. 6 at the amazing 92nd Street Y. You’ll hear stories from Elizabeth Wurtzel, Deborah Copaken Kogan, Anthony Giglio, Lynn Harris, Rachel Sklar, the poet Jane Shore and more. SMITH members can use the code “SMITH” when you buy tickets for a discount.

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270 responses

  1. mourningdove says:

    Look Mom we made you breakfast!

  2. mourningdove says:

    Unbelievable mess, priceless memories, great story.

  3. wendy says:

    First good news, we’re outta eggs

  4. Sue B says:

    Flour power! Peace and love, Brother!

  5. Miss Sally says:

    She thinks it’s cute, Brother! Smile!

  6. Staraj says:

    The first generation of flour children.

  7. LadyMac says:

    The Ghosts of Christmas Cookies Past.

  8. LadyMac says:

    Still cleaner than mud pie day.

  9. LadyMac says:

    New meaning to “Make yourselves breakfast.”

  10. rabbithole says:

    We’re dreaming of a white Christmas!

  11. rabbithole says:

    We found your coke stash, daddy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Really mom, it snowed in here.

  13. Gerri says:

    We’re too cute to get punished!

  14. Anonymous says:

    He tapped! Marks left in flour.

  15. bobzi says:

    Sugar and spice and everything nice!

  16. Freddy says:

    The recipe only called for a pinch.

  17. Freddy says:

    Mom said he asked for it.

  18. Freddy says:

    Wanted to pop out of cake.

  19. whelp says:

    We’re off carbs starting now. Promise.

  20. jeffkoa says:

    Check out the living room once.

  21. mzejay says:

    Quick, grab boom, remove the evidence.

  22. H2point0 says:

    Santa Clause coming. We panicked. Sorry.

  23. H2point0 says:

    Flour and what else makes cookies?

  24. H2point0 says:

    Life sized snow babies flour wrestle.

  25. LRaney says:

    Kitchen messes being baked into memories.

  26. Chelsea says:

    Good, This will keep mom busy.

  27. H2point0 says:

    Brother’s home; pizza pie; That’s amore!

  28. rabbithole says:

    Two Hostess employees after drunken rampage.

  29. Taisha says:

    And you thought we were angels!

  30. H2point0 says:

    Mysterious handprint. Obviously ghost. Case closed.

  31. JAD says:

    Mommy, the Little Rascals tried this.

  32. DynamicDbytheC says:

    The dog made us do it.

    Parents of sixties, offspring’s flour power.

  33. JAD says:

    Remember, let me do the talking.

  34. Maml1499 says:

    It’s not me, he did it!

  35. prasanna says:

    Thank God Its not Plaster Paris

  36. moabchick says:

    Smile! Someday this will be funny.

  37. moabchick says:

    Look mom! We made flour angels!

  38. moabchick says:

    What happens while mom’s on Facebook.

  39. moabchick says:

    Mom’s home from work. Dad’s toast.

  40. moabchick says:

    Is this a white Christmas, mommy?

  41. moabchick says:

    Breakfast in bed isn’t worth it.

  42. moabchick says:

    I said go get mom F-L-O-W-E-R-S!

  43. moabchick says:

    NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! –Mommy Dearest

  44. moabchick says:

    Grandma let us watch Top Chef!

  45. moabchick says:

    Wait ’til you see the bathroom!

  46. Kayla says:

    Made a mess, but had fun.

  47. Kara Ruff says:

    It’s not what it looks like!

  48. mstrouse says:

    We are not cleaning this up.

  49. Kelani says:

    We’re dreaming of a white Christmas.

  50. Abby says:

    Hurricane messed up our house. Ugh.

  51. Red says:

    Who says we can’t have cookies?

  52. J Salerno says:

    Mom’s mad, flour everywhere, fun memories.

  53. Victoria says:

    Mommy, i dont know what happened!

  54. Meghan says:

    Our version of a white christmas.

  55. ethanDUB says:

    Headlines, Drug Bust of the Year!

  56. Maddy says:

    I tried drawing a headless nun

  57. Nick says:

    We are so screwed… Thanks Charlie.

  58. rstack says:

    Their sour, sweet, but not gone

  59. A.Petty says:

    Cheers to the little kid years!

  60. eSchmitt says:

    Wait til ya see your room!

  61. Red says:

    No, we don’t need any help!

  62. Kourtney K. says:

    Little giggles, good cookies, great memories

  63. Jcramer says:

    Sugar spice and everything nice….+ flour

  64. jbader says:

    Spreading the love while were young.

  65. CarlosR says:

    A new meaning of little cooking.

  66. Kourtney K. says:

    They wanted a very white christmas

  67. ZPISCOPO says:

    Wait this isn’t a white Christmas?

  68. DevonD says:

    Why are they eating the flour?

  69. RatherBeSewing says:

    Gives ‘flour’ children a new meaning.
    ‘Flour’ children: San Francisco or Bust!
    Going Gluten Free is highly overrated.
    Making snow angels. Minus the snow.
    First, PlayDough. Now, the hard stuff.
    The bakery called. Your order’s ready.
    “Ace of Cakes” called. We’re hired!
    To Hostess: better benefits, more naps.
    Twinkie replacement failed. Mom, send help.
    Warbucks proud–we’re ‘rolling in dough.’

  70. acibelli says:

    Delicious family memories start here.

  71. Jcramer says:

    World’s largest biscuit, attempt number two.

  72. tmay says:

    It was the dog,I swear!!!

  73. Edward says:

    It wasn’t us, it was elves.

  74. Rose says:

    Just smile, and blow kisses!

  75. mscalvino says:

    We need more white flour NOW!!!!!

  76. DevonD says:

    “You’re taking the blame for this.”

  77. Tcona says:

    I just love flour. So much.

  78. Ian Najdzin says:

    Don’t worry, picture first clean later

  79. Jakeop4444 says:

    This is where creativity truly begins.

  80. Brii Skiba says:

    Life’s better with a white Christmas

  81. lmcnicholas says:

    mothers lock your cabinet doors before…

  82. zweidenhof says:

    Creating memories, one mess at a time

  83. Blovenberg says:

    That darn ghost sneezed again.

  84. kmcdonnell says:

    I did’nt do it. I swear

  85. rziegenfuss says:

    Loud music; it’s better for you.

  86. bderocker says:

    Mommy, its all his fault!

  87. Neil says:

    One Day, I’ll be grown up

  88. RyanB says:

    They are cute but also stupid

  89. econnolly says:

    no white christmas is too white

  90. alex baker says:

    we dont need any more flour

  91. RyanB says:

    this is my secret hiding place

  92. jon manzo says:


  93. avolk says:

    new meaning to let it snow

  94. lnavarro says:

    Can we help cook Thanksgiving dinner?

  95. lcreevy says:

    opps theres a little something….everywhere

  96. lcreevy says:

    we tryed to make you something

  97. Marcella says:

    We’re just trying to make breakfast!

  98. Olivia N. says:

    In pursuite a white christmas

  99. Sofia Boehm says:

    you’ve never made pizza like this before!

  100. bgraham says:

    Mom…. We ran out of flour.

  101. StephanieT says:

    Never lose the kid in you!

  102. Tommy Rossi says:

    We were looking for the cookies!

  103. bgraham says:

    Mom. Go big or go home.

  104. molly barrett says:

    Never too old to have fun

  105. Kate says:

    Holidays, are followed by endless stress.

  106. jhunt says:

    I never ever will grow up.

  107. Kaylen Directioner says:

    Flour and pantyhose equals snowball fight

  108. Kaylen Directioner says:

    The other fake snow didn’t work

  109. Kaylen Directioner says:

    Tried to clean floor wrong substance

  110. Songwriter says:

    The holidays are a time for baking…

  111. Rose says:

    Playing, you can’t be a kid again.

  112. Rose says:

    Busted! Just smile and blow kisses!

  113. Rose says:

    Playing! Can’t be a kid again!

  114. Rose says:

    Oh you missed the dress rehearsal!

  115. Rose says:

    Dinner’s ready!

  116. Rose says:

    Whew! We got the reindeer out!

  117. Rose says:

    The directons said….dust with sugar

  118. nmaute says:

    i can’t believe its not butter!

  119. Sean Clayton says:

    Learn to live while your young.

  120. mfortner says:

    Moms not going to like this..

  121. kmooney says:

    “Watch out Mommy, flour snowball fight!”

  122. mhargis says:

    Look mom! The cookies are done!

  123. gfiorica says:

    never trust blender lids

  124. Marcus says:

    Only if life was a dream.

  125. kmooney says:

    Mom, look what the dog did.

  126. kchambers says:

    Our verson of a white Christmas

  127. CarleighG says:

    Honestly, we’re not sorry for anything.

  128. Johnnyk says:

    This was an improvised snowball fight

  129. gfiorica says:

    Never trust blender lids; they slip

  130. Bianca Nicolini says:

    We were looking for the candy…..

  131. kellyvaughan says:

    We did this for you, Mommy.

  132. Brittany M. says:

    Mommy, we’re all out of flour!

  133. michaelyoung32 says:

    after this im playing some minecraft

  134. mhargis says:

    Not really trying to kill him….

  135. Anonymous says:


  136. acranmer says:

    no locks on cabinets,no rules!

  137. LucasB says:

    It was him mom, I swear

  138. BOBBY TRONT says:


  139. AGoganzer says:

    Every child dreams of doing this.

  140. michaelyoung32 says:

    my boyfrient doesnt kisss me right

  141. michaelyoung32 says:

    group hug in the shower tonight!

  142. mlamandri says:

    We tried to be snowmen mom..

  143. michaelyoung32 says:

    pilsbury dogh boy wanna be me

  144. kcorliss says:

    Didn’t want the snow to melt.

  145. MarkE says:

    Why are seven year olds cooking?

  146. madelineschmid says:

    Your gunna have to start cleaning..

  147. Dylancar says:

    These kids know how to party

  148. Mason says:

    were gonna need a bigger bag

  149. emilycullen says:

    i just took a flour shower

  150. michaelyoung32 says:

    demi lavato is my favorite girl

  151. michaelyoung32 says:

    arnt you cool abrieviating your words

  152. michaelyoung32 says:

    k. that was not six words

  153. michaelyoung32 says:

    emily is def the worst penpal

  154. michaelyoung32 says:

    headin over to noredink bye guys

  155. joeynardo says:

    I think I pooped my pants.

  156. rabbithole says:

    Later in shower they became glue.

  157. MOsborn says:

    Helping mom cook. oppps big mess.

  158. ShelbyW says:

    Mommy, I swear it was him!

  159. allisonflood says:

    dreaming of a White Christmas

  160. KyleSmith says:

    Can I have some flour please?

  161. Samantha W says:

    Flours lots of fun for kids

  162. CTranchida says:

    Mess in the kitchen, momma’s angry.

  163. TTeschlog says:

    Mom can clean this mess up.

  164. mikebrowning says:

    I dont feel like doing this.

  165. mmcgrath says:

    Mommy’s mad, time to look cute

  166. Jhammett says:

    Heres your white Christmas

  167. mdelrio14 says:

    Look what we made for santa!

  168. Kateyanos says:

    Get rid of the hand print!

  169. kbrown_23 says:

    whoa everything is so white everywhere

  170. eclark says:

    Mom, we’re making you a cake!

  171. NicoleA says:

    Covered in flour now, glue later.

  172. dan hem says:

    Florida kid snow, its close enough.

  173. Audrey L says:

    Auditions for Food Network gone wrong.

  174. Jhammett says:

    Heres that white Christmas you wanted

  175. madison skeiester says:

    The powder puff kids are back

  176. JULIAMICK says:

    We were just trying to help…..

  177. brianna says:

    Get out! It’s not ready yet!

  178. brandonbarnetti says:

    We like flour. Yes we do.

  179. ddouglas says:

    Good thing I’m not cleaning up

  180. NumbrOneAunt says:

    Maybe Rachel Ray started this way!

  181. emilyoler says:

    A mess? What mess?

  182. Capri sunnnn!!! says:

    I will always believe in Santa

  183. claurence says:

    Chasing the dime, so little time

  184. maryjane31 says:

    Well there was nobody watching us!

  185. maryjane31 says:

    We were trying to surprise everyone.

  186. maryjane31 says:

    Calm down everyone we will clean-up.

  187. maryjane31 says:

    We will need the vacuum please.

  188. maryjane31 says:

    Don’t be mad Mom, were kids.

  189. SenoRAH says:

    The powdered sugar ones…my favorites!

  190. SenoRAH says:

    Kids made an indoor snow globe.

  191. SenoRAH says:

    What happens when Hostess hires non-union.

  192. bevvie says:

    See! We can play together nicely.

  193. Wlovenberg says:

    Frosty walked into the house again!

  194. Wlovenberg says:

    Baking is alot easier in minecraft

  195. rahrah says:

    Big messes make the best memories!

  196. scribbling_scribe says:

    “The recipe said dust with flour.”

  197. Miranda says:

    The dog did it, i swear!

  198. E$ says:

    After all, you only live once.

  199. Alyssa A says:

    Good morning, we tried making pancakes!

  200. Alyssa A says:

    We know you’re mad ……but PANCAKES!

  201. Dobbs Ferry 7th grade says:

    We were only helping for Thanksgiving

  202. Dobbs Ferry 7th grade says:

    We were making an indoor snowman

  203. Dobbs Ferry 7th grade says:

    Don’t move, maybe we’ll blend in…

  204. Dobbs Ferry 7th grade says:

    Where was the cookie jar again?

  205. Dobbs Ferry 7th grade says:

    Don’t yell yet, wait… wait… RUN!!!

  206. SECRET says:

    hope you have a white Christmas!

  207. SECRET says:

    whole new meaning of YOLO

  208. H2point0 says:

    I apprehended him. Cookies for reward?

  209. H2point0 says:

    Birthday surprise: There’s sugar under this…

  210. Calliandra_Logyn says:

    We tried making another brother, mom!

  211. Ermahgerd says:

    Don’t worry, we aren’t actually ghosts!

  212. Suzi says:

    Happy, Floury, Flap jacking Holiday Mess!

  213. Loon says:

    You thought YOUR dandruff was bad.

  214. JJ Bridge says:

    He’s captured AND he left FINGERPRINTS !!!

  215. maryjane31 says:

    In ten years who will remember?

  216. PV Harrington says:

    “OK Mr Dyson, do your worst!”

  217. AugieWren says:

    “Sugar and spice…” Oh forget it.

  218. DLV says:

    The recipe said dust with flour!

  219. BiggMama says:

    Growing up can be messy business!

  220. wendy says:

    Suprise! Snow for the holiday photo.

  221. wendy says:

    Holiday card snowless.. Flour seemed perfect

  222. Lori O says:

    The elves made us do it.

  223. Lori O says:

    Did you say no baking Mommy?

  224. Autumn22 says:

    I turn my back for a minute!

  225. Autumn22 says:

    This white flour sure matches my outfit!

  226. Autumn22 says:

    We’re out to win the neighborhood cookie contest this year.

  227. Autumn22 says:

    It all started out so innocently.

  228. Autumn22 says:

    It’s always like this when my cousin visits at Thanksgiving!

  229. Autumn22 says:

    My cousin brings out my creative side.

  230. Autumn22 says:

    Ever since Twitter, everything is an Instagram with my mom.

  231. Autumn22 says:

    This will probably end up at our high school graduation party photo board.

  232. Autumn22 says:

    How Julie & Julia got started.

  233. Autumn22 says:

    A pinch of laughter makes the cookies sweeter.

  234. aimee & paul barnett says:

    “making cookies for santa”

  235. aimee & paul barnett says:

    mom’s little flour helper’s

  236. aimee & paul barnett says:

    surprise mom! we wanted to make you cookies!

  237. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Flour thief, wrestled to the ground.

  238. Believe says:

    They borrowed a cup of flour.

  239. jonno says:

    GHOST!! Don’t worry, I’ll get it!

  240. Audra says:

    Um…Let me explain Santa.

  241. Twinklefingers says:

    Our early white Christmas, dreaming optional

  242. ttray says:

    Help me make the cookies, now!

  243. Sonnie says:

    He didn’t get away this time!

  244. ttray says:

    Cookies every night mom– right?

  245. Laconic says:

    “But, I’m to young for deflowering”

  246. MacDon says:

    We just wanted a white Christmas

  247. kari says:

    She did it! He did it!

  248. kari says:

    It was his/her idea mom!

  249. kari says:

    we are HO HO HO sorry

  250. Laura says:

    Art: Combined ingredients, you and me.

  251. Laura says:

    Part Art: Both you and me.

  252. Laura says:

    Art: Combine ingredients - you and me.

  253. Terri says:

    Mommy! I tried to stop him!

  254. Chris says:

    We absolutely love baking with Grandma!

  255. Michele says:

    Kitchen floor snow angels - no regrets

  256. Marie says:

    Flour Power forever and always yeah!

  257. AtemAndrew says:

    The children play, dad cleans up.


    The children play, mom cleans up.

  258. Vlahakis says:

    Kids, its bottom OF THE BOWL!

  259. Christy says:

    Who needs cold snow for snowangels?!

  260. A says:

    1) “Quick! You’re younger, cute look go.”
    2) “Her fault!” “His fault!” “Daddy’s idea!”
    3) Taking ‘white Christmas’ wwaaayyyy too seriously.
    4) “Mommy! I’ve flour in my hair!”
    5) “He did it. Never doubt that.”
    6) “We’re sorry.” “Not.” “No, we are.”
    7) Time for the puppy-dog eyes.
    8) “Tommy! I said FLOWERS. Stupid boys…”
    9) Ran outta sugar, had to improvise.
    10) …We wanted cookies. It went wrong.

  261. A says:

    I meant ‘
    (eight)(closing paren.) “Tommy! I said FLOWERS. Stupid boys…”

  262. YOLANDA says:


  263. YOLANDA says:


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