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“Another memoir Freudian slipped my mind.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

By Alyssa Jocson

This week an upcoming Playboy leaked a lot of Lohan, tweeting got Rick Larson’s congressional staffers and Alec Baldwin in big trouble, and Obama got his mojo back by invoking his inner-Teddy Roosevelt. Big stuff for high-profile individuals; on SMITH Six-Word Memoirists showed off both the wild and tame sides of the SMITH community in small but smart bites. Below are the best memoirs of the week. Click on each author’s name for more reading.

Best Wordplay: “I’m voluptuous. Just wrongly placed volupts.” -oopsalittle, the most favorited story of the week.
Wittiest: “Another memoir Freudian slipped my mind.” -Bevvie
Most Self-Aware: “More crazy cat lady than Catwoman.” -K822
Most Loving: “Healthy marriages are fed by spooning.” -lisamoans
Most Meta: “Make imperfect memoirs. Have imperfect life.” -Songwriter from SMITHTeens
Funniest: “We are raising the dog Jewish.” -Jos (picture above) from Six Words on Jewish Life, the next book in the Six-Word Memoir series.

Plus: Share your memoir on the Jewish Life by December 25 to be considered for the Six Words on the Jewish Life book, out March 2012.

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    kudos to sll.

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    kudos to all.

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