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Sunday, August 15th, 2010

By Alyssa Jocson

I’m a relatively new intern, and am so impressed with the constant flow of creative ideas that are inspired by SMITH’s Six-Word Memoirs. Just when I think there couldn’t possibly be more, my Google Alerts shows me otherwise, sending me new blogs, sites, and projects to check out every single day. Here are some of my finds from the past few weeks.

“Old men keep asking me out.” After finding an example on a bottle cap of Honest Tea, Sarah Durden (who favors Moroccan Mint Green Tea) was inspired to write 100 of her own Six-Word Memoirs within a few days. The image above offers just a small slice of her sixes she posted on her blog. And we’re pleased to report Sarah’s become a member of SMITH and has been sharing her sixes here as well. Her most recent one says it all: “Keep life simple, say with less.”

“Still flying, Mom, by my pants!” MISSion Amy K. R. regularly gives its readers a new interactive “mission,” like leaving a friendly note for someone at the ATM, signing up for a “pen-less pal,” or–recently–writing a Six-Word Memoir. Next week’s mission? Creating a F*ck It List where participants can discuss things they no longer feel the need to accomplish. For me, that would include hiding my white hairs and marrying Justin Timberlake.

“Ignored warning signs. Took scenic route.” Brenda York, a painter interested in narrative art, currently has an exhibit featuring her autobiographical paintings each with a Six-Word story. Her exhibit “Long Story Short” can be found at the San Diego Art Institute through August 22.

“Sacred saltwater, the mother of life.” Hey, surfers and ocean-lovers, the Sea Sand Surf blog is calling for six words describing your love for the water. The site sets a good pace with its own six-word tagline: “A Place For the Ocean Minded.”

Are you working on your own Six-Word Memoir project? Tell us: we’ll tell everyone else.

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8 responses

  1. Loon says:

    Take swig. Complain. Get free tea.

  2. Loon says:

    Insert dead mouse. Get free tea.

  3. Loon says:

    Got a purse? Got free tea.

  4. Loon says:

    Pocket Honest Tea. Impress your date.

  5. Loon says:

    Pocket Honest Tea. Claim Viagra overdose.

  6. Loon says:

    Honest Tea is the best policy.

  7. Six is not an evil number, mom | Doubt. Check. Destination. Check. Delilah. Sit. says:

    [...] No Comments by sdurden on August 20, 2010 filed in Connecticut Beginnings tagged Manhattan, Seattle, six word memoirs, Smith Magazine [...]

  8. Matt says:

    This is so inspiring. Less is more!

    “in six words I uncover bliss”



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