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Hey, What’s Under That Bottle Cap? Six Words + Honest Tea

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

By Larry Smith

SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir project has seen a lot of incredible iterations: six-word classroom projects, six-word prayers, appearances in hacking conferences and museums of art, partnerships with places such as The National Constitution Center and Bono’s

And now Six-Word Memoirs will be a mystery in a bottle. Or rather, a “prize” under an Honest Tea bottle cap. Call it our adult, writerly version of the unknown treasure at the bottom of the box of Cracker Jacks. I’ve been digging for prizes, decoding secret messages, peeling back labels, and popping open bottle caps for as long as I can remember. So, when our first book of Six-Word Memoirs was about to come out, I sent Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman a message—I just guessed his email and told him the honest truth: I love your tea—it’s tasty. I love your company—it has a socially conscious mission. Just as one of SMITH Mag’s core beliefs is to make better media, not simply more media, I wrote, you’re making a better drink, not just another drink. And I think SMITH’s Six-Word Memoirs are a perfect match for Honest Tea’s bottle caps. Seth replied: I love it, let’s do it.

This week, 100+ of the most thoughtful, inspiring, insightful, and funny Six-Word Memoirs can be found under around a million bottle caps across the country. Maybe it’s just me, but the little things in life—like reading short, short life stories in bottles of Black Forest Berry or Pomegranate Red Tea with Goji—give me a sweet little kick of inspiration. But just a tad sweet—that’s the Honest Tea and six-word way. Want your Six-Word Memoir inside a bottle cap? Shares yours on the Six-Word Memoir project, and now you’ll be considered for a bottle cap as well as a book (and in case your dream differs from ours, we’ll always check with you first).

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  54. Can you write your memoir in only six words? « Kimundrum says:

    [...] Since then, Six-Word Memoir project has become a global phenomenon and a bestselling book series. Six-Word Memoirs have been featured in hundreds of media outlets from NPR to The New Yorker, covered on tens of thousands of blogs, and, as of Summer 2010, can be found inside 1 million Honest Tea bottle caps. [...]

  55. Dick Sargent says:

    I came, I saw, I drank.

  56. Dick Sargent says:

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  57. Tim Edib says:

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  60. Shoshuga says:

    [...] Since then, Six-Word Memoir project has become a global phenomenon and a bestselling book series. Six-Word Memoirs have been featured in hundreds of media outlets from NPR to The New Yorker, covered on tens of thousands of blogs, and, as of Summer 2010, can be found inside 1 million Honest Tea bottle caps.” [...]

  61. wordie says:

    I live life to the fullest.

  62. gregory guy sherman says:

    an insult from a fool , is a complement to the wise.

  63. Bottle cap facts | Bunny and Dolly says:

    [...] And while I don’t buy Honest Tea solely for the words of wisdom printed on their caps, they do share some pretty inspiring quotes. I particularly enjoyed their collaboration with SMITH’s Six-Word Memoirs. [...]

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