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“Always Hated Number Six Till Now” - Love & Hearbreak in Newsweek

Monday, January 26th, 2009

By Larry Smith

Newsweek runs one of the most lovely pieces on Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak to date. “Summing up a life, a romance or a trauma so succinctly may seem like an abomination out of the Twitter generation,” writes Jesse Ellison, “[but] what’s most remarkable is the range of sentiments, from the trivial to the profound, that can be expressed in the six-word form.” After reading the story online last night, in which I tell Ellison, “I had no opinions on the number six two years ago,” I went hunting through SMITH for a six-word memoir to feature today. In a wintry mood, I went with “It’s snowing and I’m practically naked,” from SMITH community member Fulana. Scrolling through her others stories, I found this one: “Always hated number 6. Until now.” I know the feeling.

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2 responses

  1. Fulana says:

    Ha! Glad to know it had resonance. I really, really, really hated number 6, though, since I was a kid. And the letter F (which is #6 in the alphabet). Don’t know why. (They were both synesthetically orange for me, too). I now love orange and —thanks to Smithmag— el número seis. Gracias!

  2. Orhan says:

    I just recently came acosrs an article by you and wondered if you were the same person I knew from UW. It seem as if you are. I am humbled and amazed at the work you have done since those days. Take Care. Joel

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