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Six Words on the Middle East (We Have a Winner)

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

By Larry Smith

Last week we posed a short and sweet six-word challenge to our Twitter followers: What’s your six-word solution to the Middle East crisis? Within a few hours, about 30 responded. Here are a few of our favorites, with the winner of the Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak book at the end of this post. Note to Obama’s new Middle East envoy George Mitchell: these sixes are on the house.

Bake bread, sit down and eat.
-Beth Leianne Curtis

An entire generation of cease fire.
-Yvonne Ducksworth

Without Bush things might get easier.
-Elizabeth Minkel

Hire wizard to cast love spell.
-Jessica Woodson

It’s OK baby, we pulled out.
-Jessica Naudziunas

For every bomb, build a school.
-Dana Michell

These three from Abby Ellin, who wins the humor award—but since she’s not on Twitter she can’t win the book:
Jews get Montana, Palestinians get virgins.
Let the Amish have it all.
One state, two peoples. No brainer.

And the winner, because we’re in that kind of mood, is Thomas Romlov for suggesting, in six words: “No Jews. No Arabs. Yes people.”

Thanks for playing. We’ll do this again with a new topic later this week.

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