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Call for Submissions: The Breadline, A Site About the Recession

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

By Chris Teja

In these tough economic times, it’s important to find constructive ways of dealing with our somewhat bleak situation. Once again to the rescue: our old friend storytelling.

The Breadline, a new blog by David Kamp and Lawrence Levi, is designed to create a sense of community in the current bleak economic landscape. It’s a “sort of oral history” of the recession featuring art, photography and music in addition to stories about real people struggling to find work. Call it Studs Terkel’s Working 2.0. Also in this ever-expanding space is the just-launched Recessionwire, a site dedicated to capturing the stories and improving the lives of those who are getting “effed” by the economy.

Right now The Breadline is looking for readers to fill out their questionnaire to possibly be featured in upcoming posts. As the site states in seven simple words, “We’re all in this Great Recession together.” In these days, of course, many of us can only afford six.

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4 responses

  1. alex sanders says:

    Surprisingly the uk economy shrank a further 0.4% between July and September (the last quarter that there are figures for), so the end of the downturn is a long way off yet - another 6 months at least i reckon, its the longest recession since records began 50 years ago and it wont be till years later the economy and property market recovers, it was’nt until the late 90’s that the property market recovered after the 89/90 recession.

  2. Arthur Smith says:

    during the height of the economic recession, our online and offline business in the US have suffered some major drop in sales. now our sales are getting slowly back to normal.

  3. Jake Lewis says:

    economic recession is always a bad part of history, we must avoid it at all cost-`;

  4. Melatonin Side Effects  says:

    ecomonic recessions could really mess up great economies`*,

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