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Six Words on 2010: What Happened?

Monday, December 13th, 2010

By Larry Smith

The Tea Party and the shellacking. Heathcare and the economy. The iPad and ebooks. The BP Gulf disaster and the Chilean miners. Tiger Woods and Lady Gaga. Quite a year. Can you sum it up in six words? That’s the challenge from SMITH and New York Public Radio’s WNYC. Submit your “six on 2010” on WNYC’s blog—we’ll read them all and invite some of you to share your six words (and more) live on The Leonard Lopate Show on Dec. 29.

Post your submission to WNYC by Monday, December 27th, at 3 pm to be considered for the show.

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37 responses

  1. Mary Elizabeth Williams says:

    Disasters galore, but it gets better.

  2. C. Anita Nuñez says:

    Lost Job. Started Volunteering. Gained Life.

  3. SAH says:

    Well, at least it’s not 2012

  4. Elisa S. says:

    Life, liberty, and pursuit of scandal.

  5. Bobbie says:

    Married. Had twins. Will not repeat.

  6. Bobbie says:

    Purchased the best. New version available.

  7. Susan Breeden says:

    Couldn’t have made up this stuff.

  8. GabrielJR says:

    And we’re still asking, “Where now?”

  9. Susan Breeden says:

    No wonder Earth’s axis shifted. Literally.

  10. BK’s Reviews and Reflections » Blog Archive » A Seasonal DIAS says:

    [...] a restful vacation.  It would be wonder to share something of that downtime here, reflecting on  2010, What Happened? inspired by the folks at Smith Magazine, can you do it in just 6 words?  That’s the [...]

  11. kismolnarzs says:

    Four jobs, good wine, many friends

  12. christine hutchison says:

    Finally, I love going to work.

  13. GabrielJR says:

    Fixing dam with post it notes.

  14. Cierra Thompson says:

    Things imploded; the world fought back.

  15. Kazunori Amarime says:

    The world has changed. It’s mind-boggling.

  16. Christine Remacle says:

    One step. One Choice. Everything Changed.

  17. assignment writer says:

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  18. GabrielJR says:

    Relationship, break-up, moving on, new year.

  19. LeAnne says:

    Break open. Break through. Break out.

  20. CherylR says:

    Suffer. Seek. Awaken a bit. Repeat.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Pop-Pop. Fizz-Fizz. Another year it ’tis.

  22. batman13 says:

    Pop-Pop. Fizz-Fizz. Another year it ’tis

  23. batman13 says:

    Love long or you’ll die trying.

  24. batman13 says:

    Blow out the candles…. or what?

  25. batman13 says:

    Who’s afraid of Virginia, the wolf?

  26. batman13 says:

    The stuff I never knew hurts.

  27. batman13 says:

    Who can stop this fright reign?

  28. batman13 says:

    Better to have loved than not.

  29. batman13 says:

    Drawing lines lower-right to upper-left works.

  30. batman13 says:

    Share the toys and the joys.

  31. batman13 says:

    More to life when eyes meet.

  32. batman13 says:

    Ending broken hearts: fine red wine.

  33. batman13 says:

    Two out of three ain’t passing.

  34. batman13 says:

    Working late keeps misery at bay.

  35. batman13 says:

    Not working makes a longer day.

  36. batman13 says:

    Detecting duplicates is earning your pay.

  37. batman13 says:

    I’m checking out; leaving the fray.

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