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Beautiful Pregnant Women: Mo Clancy

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

By Larry Smith


What is this thing called my obsession with pregnant women? I can’t say, I just think they’re about the most bold, beautiful, ferociously awesome creatures on this complicated planet. Among the most creative, kick-ass, lovely women I’ve had the pleasure to know is Ms. Mo Clancy. Mo launches companies while you’re trying to figure out where to go for lunch, then gives you five new notions on how to make yours better as she walks home. She’s a straight shooter, a guy’s girl who women love, a superhuman person who seemingly has 36 hours in each day. She’s what Burt Reynolds calls a “1″ in Semi-Tough. You need to read the book to understand. So just trust me.

So here she is. Pregnant. Beautiful. As surprised as anyone about the state she’s in. And yet, as she tends to do when the unexpected shows up, embraced this moment without pause. And still, she’ll tell you exactly how it is. “I’ve got to be honest,” she told me as we ate burgers in Greenwich Village, “I’m still waiting for the maternal instincts to kick in.” I’m not worried: Mo can’t fail.

Are you or have you ever been a member of the pregnant party? Submit your story, and photo if you’re feeling the love, at SMITH and Rick’s Picks “What’s Your Pregnancy Story?” contest. Lots of you will win pickles Three of you will end up on a nationally distributed “Slices of Life” pickle jar from Ricks. Oh, those pickles are good.

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9 responses

  1. Early Signs of Pregnancy says:

    Here’s my story. My last baby was my sixth baby. Needless to say my family and my husband’s family weren’t very excited. We lived a modest lifestlye and I’m sure they were worried about how we were going to afford another baby. The sad thing is at five months pregnant, my husband died suddenly. At once, our families came together at this difficult time and this baby was considered a great “last gift”. She is beautiful and helped to get this mommy through her grief. She’s eight now and still the same joy that she was at her birth. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my pregnancy story.

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    For an update or pic of the new baby? Would love to see them if you have them.

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  5. Scotty says:

    Well to be quite honest, I don’t find pregnant women all that attractive. I have known guys who find early pregnant women irresistible, but I’m not one of those :)

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  8. shrabanti says:

    I also do not find attractiveness in pregnant women.

  9. shrabanti says:

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