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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

By Larry Smith

371297255_bbea2334d1_m.jpgThe recent anniversary of the fifth year of the Iraq War is a good excuse to point out some of the war coverage we’ve done on SMITH. By “we” I by and large mean Michael Slenske, a young writer/reporter I worked with at Men’s Journal a few years ago. Through his combo of curiosity and tenacity, he’s has carved out an interesting “Iraq beat,” writing for SMITH, the L.A. Times, Men’s Journal, and elsewhere. In this space, he’s done more than a half-dozen interview with interesting Iraq vets—long, nuanced conversations about life during and after wartime from what we call the “chicken’s-eye view” of the war, that ground-up perspective of the soldier on the frontline rather than, say, that of a General or the Secretary of Defense. Slenske’s latest interview is with Tomas Young, the subject of a new documentary directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro, Body of War. Another exceptional war story is Beyond the Hoods: The Abu Ghraib Images of Daniel Heyman, a visual recounting of stories Heyman heard firsthand during depositions with former Abu Ghraib prisoners, which he then turned into a series of silkscreen prints and etchings. It’s a war story first published on SMITH in July, 2007, later ran on Esquire, and unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Photo from Flickr user Night Heron.

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