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“Kiss Jon Stewart on the mouth”

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

BT_stewartcolbert_catalog_1100.jpgThat’s M. Garvey’s six-word New Year’s Resolution, just submitted to SMITH & The Huffington Post’s new contest. Ten days left to send in a resolution for yourself, a friend, or even someone, or something, we’ve all heard of—like Jon Stewart, above, or members of the Cabinet, to which one reader offers this advice: “Whitehouse: Transformational leadership wanted, apply within.”

More sweet and vicious hopes and dreams for ‘07 we’re loving lately are:

Save the world. And quit quitting
Watch each Bond movie twelve times
Drink more water, eat less chocolate
Happiness is equilibrium, shift your weight

Yummy, huh? We’re continuously streaming in the latest resolutions on our contest page if you want a bigger taste.

And yours? Tell us here. Win a shirt courtesy of the Huffpost, like the one pictured above, or the ones here, which you’ll see set the bar high as far as good tees go.

“Close down National Bank of Mom” —The Six-Word Resolution Contest

Monday, December 18th, 2006

80111294_72e8b86050.jpgThat’s one person’s resolution—the six-word variety—submitted earlier today as we rolled out our Six-Word New Year’s Resolution Contest in partnership with our pals at The Huffington Post. You can submit a resolution for yourself, for a friend, or even a public figure who might need some prompting. Our favorite 10 will win a hot new Huffpost tee.

Arianna Huffington resolves to “Push Dems to seize the moment.” Writer Nora Ephron says, “I am going to make Timpano.”

We wish the Dems, and the Timpano, much luck, as we do the reader who resolves that in ‘07, “I am the person of the year.” You said it.

Champagne via Flickr>>Creative Commons>>MQuimayousie.

F*ck That Other Guy. The Person of the Year Is YOU

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

174858066_be02944c2b.jpgThis just in: Time begs to differ with Salon. Time says the Person of the Year is You. Not just YOU as in YouTube (well, yes, actually). But us! user-generating, content-creating, photo-blogging, podcasting, culture shifting, macaca recording us! Nice work, you. Sometimes your creations simply blow us away.

Photo via Flickr>>Creative Commons>>Stella.

Person of the Year: S.R. Sidarth, “The Macaca Kid”

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

macaca.jpgSalon’s just named S.R. Sidarth its person of the year. Why? One ordinary person (the 20-year-old Sidarth) using ordinary technology (a camcorder) changed the political fate of George Allen, tipped the Senate to the dems and possibly changed the course of history. SMITH wholeheartedly endorses Salon’s choice. Read Michael Scherer’s piece here.

The 12 Days of YouTube

Friday, December 15th, 2006

I won’t be in the country for Christmas — uh, not that us Jews celebrate Christmas anyway, except for eating Chinese food on it; more on that later — so I think it’s time to celebrate now. (Take THAT, Bill O’Reilly.)

In that vein, here’s a video that truly spans the entire breadth that is YouTube: A rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” as sung by YouTubers around the English-speaking world. Sure, most of these people can’t sing, and a few are, well, a little creepy, but the whole thing is really cute. And it’s cool to see just how much of a community YouTube is, not to mention how far that community stretches.

More on that whole Chinese food on Christmas thing after the jump.


Six-Word Resolutions: “More Water, Less Tequila, Same Lime”

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Arianna.jpgStarting Monday and running through December 31, SMITH and our pals at The Huffington Post are partnering to launch the Six-Word Resolution Contest. Here’s Arianna Huffington’s (who took another giant step in her own evolution as she became Arianna Hera on Second Life this week—that’s her on the left): “Push Dems to seize the moment.”
And if you haven’t heard enough about six words, I’ll be evangelizing about The Six-Word Memoir Contest this weekend on the nationally syndicated public radio show Weekend America. The show airs either Saturday or Sunday, usually in the late morning or early afternoon, depending on where you live. A list of stations can be found here, and it will be streamed on the station’s site within a day of airing. If you were one of the three people whose six-word memoir involved tequila, you’ll certainly want to tune in. You know who you are—
Full of tequila and bad ideas.
Which came first: tequila or accident?
Tequila: It always ends in tears.

Inked Inc.

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

18731247_c39217516d.jpgGot ink? Well, if you do or if you know somebody who does or if you’re contemplating getting inked or if you have a certain opinion about tattoos, then you’ll wanna scope out this site.

David Kimelberg is a photographer/corporate lawyer—and “not necessarily in that order.” Kimelberg, who started Inked Inc., is on a mission: he’s photographing other corporate types in their corporate gear, then juxtaposing those pics with ones that show off some pretty bad ass body work (be sure to check out Dr. Dave).

Kimelberg is looking for volunteers so if you think you’ve got the right stuff you can shoot the man an e-mail.

Check out Kimelberg’s rockin’ site here—but careful, you never know who you might be on the site.

I wonder if President Bush has an “I heart mom” tattoo on his butt?

The American Package Museum

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Picture_1.pngOn rainy days like this one, lunchtime soup warming one hand, fingers of other hand clicking out a path through the web-o-sphere in front of me, I like to take a few minutes to wander the quiet back hallways of the American Package Museum.

Maybe it’s because I work on the ‘net all day, in a world of branding and cross-branding, marketing and lifestyle and CPMs, but I find something very soothing about artifacts from a simpler time.

Like a “Week-End Assortment” of Uneeda Biscuits, from the National Biscuit Company.

Or a cylinder of Pablum in soothing hues.

Or a Depression-era shaker of Palmolive Talc for Men.

The wrappers, labels, and boxes in the Package Museum tell the story of America’s “corporate heritage” (ponder that phrase for a moment, please). They tell it in faded hues of blue and red, nifty type treatments, and very early attempts at the kinds of snazziness or sex appeal that we take so for granted, now.

They feel faded and nostalgic, at once hopeful and forlorn, kind of like a blues song, kind of the perfect lunchtime ramble for a rainy day like today.

Surprises Under Clothes

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

This week’s question:

By now, we’ve all seen Britney’s hoo hoo. What’s the most unpleasant surprise you ever found under someone’s clothes?

Next week’s question:
See ya, Rummy. Hate to be ya, Pinochet. Watch your ass, Coach Coughlin. Work, love or life —tell us about a time you knew you were done for…

Your answer goes here (in 100 words or less, please). We’ll post our favorites on the front page of SMITH.

To Do in NYC: Comics Talk on Thursday

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

On December 14—this Thursday—The Tribeca Performing Arts Center unfurls Shooting War’s Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman, along with other graphic novel luminaries like Marisa Acocella Marchetto (Cancer Vixen) and James Romberger (Seven Miles a Second) who will rap about their work in comics. Publishers Weekly’s Calvin Reid will run the show. Reid just wrote about the graphic novel explosion (with a healthy shout out to Shooting War) in this recent story.

Deets:December 14, 7pm, the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers Street in lower Manhattan; 212 220-1459 for more info.

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