The 12 Days of YouTube

December 15th, 2006 by Alex

I won’t be in the country for Christmas — uh, not that us Jews celebrate Christmas anyway, except for eating Chinese food on it; more on that later — so I think it’s time to celebrate now. (Take THAT, Bill O’Reilly.)

In that vein, here’s a video that truly spans the entire breadth that is YouTube: A rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” as sung by YouTubers around the English-speaking world. Sure, most of these people can’t sing, and a few are, well, a little creepy, but the whole thing is really cute. And it’s cool to see just how much of a community YouTube is, not to mention how far that community stretches.

More on that whole Chinese food on Christmas thing after the jump.

Special bonus fun: a song explaining why, exactly, we Jews are religiously compelled to eat Chinese food on Christmas. (And no, it’s not the uber-deliciousness of fried meat dumplings, the world’s most perfect food.)

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