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Story behind the Six: “Nerdy Girl Smutmonger, Now Baby Fever”

Friday, February 1st, 2008

By Larry Smith

In celebration of the upcoming release of the book—Feb. 5, our own Super Tuesday—Rachel and I are spinning out a few “story behind the six” tales. Rachel, who has been the one most contributors have gotten to know over the past year (and to whom they’ve sent photos, origami, and I suspect marriage proposals), can really tell you stories.

I myself just stumbled upon a post from a good friend of ours, SMITH contributing editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. Like the best of the six-word life stories, hers is a perfect distillation of her essence. In the same breath, her half-dozen words—“Nerdy girl smutmonger, now baby fever”—carry with them a universal truth that might apply to someone who hasn’t, say, edited anthologies of sex lit, hosted a spoken word series called In the Flesh, or written a sex column for the Village Voice.

In a recent post on her blog about a six-word event she’ll be part of at McNally Robinson on March 11, Rachel riffed on her fear, even after seven years of doing it, of public speaking. And then she wrote: “But you know what? Those six words I wrote for that book are probably more real and honest and true and pertinent than most of what I’ve written. … Also, I have read the book, but want to reread it. I’ve hooked up with at least one contributor, and made out with another, though I have to double check it to see if there are any others.”

In our book, and on March 11, we are delighted to give you Rachel Kramer Bussel: nerdy and smutty and wordy and wonderful.

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  1. David Keefer says:

    All in all– Been a hoot!

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