My Life So Far: Christmas in July

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

By Lisa Kirchner

Here at SMITH Magazine the air outside is hot as soup, but William Denton conjures up a painfully cold Christmas day in his story, “So this is Christmas…”—chilly not so much for the temperature as the family. He writes: “When I wake up, the only wreath in the house is one of cigarette and marijuana smoke that lazily curls around the naked bulb in the ceiling of our studio apartment.”

Genevieve invokes Christmas again in Heartbreak the First, a twentysomething’s self-reinvention, spurred by the sight of a giant, frozen octopus. “I am a mess. A red, sobby mess, with a bulbous nose like a Christmas reindeer. I start crying again. My nightshirt quickly becomes my handkerchief.”

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3 responses

  1. Carrie Tucker says:

    Wow, looking for Christmas books. So strange to see great references from July.

    Glad to see Christmas is everyday for you!

  2. Sherri says:

    Funny, I found your site looking for Christmas books, just like the above commenter, and was surprised to see this post from July!! Amazing how search engines work :P

  3. Reagan says:

    I was looking at this for school… My teacher told me to check this one out… glad i did…

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