Internet Animals Revolt! (LOLthat.)

December 5th, 2007 by Rachel

An old friend of mine took a break from marching the picket lines to send this email:

“So, you’re probably all aware of the writers strike that’s going on.
But did you know that, in solidarity with the writers, all the
adorable animals on the internet are going on strike, too? Neither
did I, until another Colbert Report writer and I made this video:

Anyway, see if you can spot BOTH celebrities making cameos. Oh, and feel free to start up a wildly popular blog for the sole purpose of posting a link to this video.”

Way ahead of you, Frank.

UPDATE: Lest you doubt the abundant creativity (or free time) of the internet-adoring masses, requests for animalian solidarity have already been met by dogs, cats, and some…more exotic pets.

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