To Watch: Alive Day Memories, Intimate and Intense Stories from Iraq

September 8th, 2007 by Larry Smith

hbo_-alive-day-memories_-home-from-iraq.png For those who feel better just knowing James Gandolfini is on your tube on Sundays, you might look at Tony Soprano in a new light when you watch him interview 10 war vets about their “Alive Day,” the day they barely escaped death on the battlefield. “The fight doesn’t stop when you get home,” Cpl. Jacob Schick explains. “In our cases, it’s just begun.” Schick, a 24 year old who served as machine gunner with the 1/23rd Marines, Bravo Company, met his alive day on September 20, 2004—just a month after he arrived in Iraq—when his Humvee ran over a pressurized anti-tank bomb while running a security patrol outside Al Asad.

SMITH’s Michael Slenske interviewed Cpl. Schick as a part of our own series of interviews with Iraq vets with stories to tell, Back Home From Iraq. Alive Day Memories first airs this Sunday at 10:30, with repeats, on-demand, and all the rest of it continuing for some time.