Listen to Josh & Denise & Leo on NPR’s “News & Notes”

August 24th, 2007 by Larry Smith

A.D.’s writer and illustrator Josh Neufeld, along with “characters” (we wish we had a better word—these are real, amazing, flesh-and-blood people) Denise and Leo, talked about the making of A.D.—and their lives now—on NPR’s national show, News & Notes on Friday, August 24.

A.D. is a combination of my life and Josh’s interpretation of it,” Denise told host Farai Chideya, explaining that after some initial concerns about how she was portrayed, Josh listened to her and rather than having a knee-jerk reaction he worked with her to represent her in the most accurate way. She explained that of the reasons she agreed to participate in the project is because she thought “it was an opportunity to get some truth out about Katrina because there were so many lies.”

“When the comic strip first started …. it brought a lot of things back for me,” offered Leo. “I really remembered those last moments before we left and how tense they were. I don’t know if it helps me get over it, but it does help me remember it. And that puts things now in perspective as far as making sure I do appreciate everything I have in my life now—and how easily it can be taken away.”

Listen to this fascinating discussion here.

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