From Our Lips to Colbert’s Ears (Or is it Thighs?)

August 8th, 2007 by Larry Smith

How do you go from Three’s Company to Iraq to SMITH to Colbert? Simple.

Picture33.jpg1. SMITH contributing editor Michael Slenske pitches a photo essay of the unusual and entertaining photos of Iraqi vet Todd Bowers

2. SMITH editor Larry Smith says: “Love it. Bring it on in, man.”

3. Said story runs on SMITH with following caption, a quote Bowers overheard from a Marine: “Suzanne Somers is hot and all, but why the fuck is she sending Thighmasters to Fallujah?”

972378981_9e033dcdfb_m.jpg4. SMITH reader and squatter Rupert Murdoch—still pissed he didn’t get—takes brief break from buying The Wall Street Journal to view all 37 photos in SMITH’s Iraqi photo essay, sees the Thighmaster shot, and texts Page Six editor Richard Johnson, who then stops the presses!

5. The next day an item called “Thigh Anxiety” appears on Page Six.

comedy-central-_-videosthumbnail.jpg6. A few days later on The Colbert Report, Colbert riffs about the Department of Defense’s funny ways of supporting the troops … with Thighmasters.

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