Are You Experienced?

August 7th, 2007 by Larry Smith

It doesn’t take much to get me excited about storytelling these days. Not that storytelling is new: we’ve been telling stories to each other since a couple of cavemen grunted some juicy gossip over a fire (this was B.U.W., but those cave peeps could still be cruel). Swapping stories with each other—via grunts, in fully formed sounds, in the form of confessions, with just six or 100 words, employing timelines, or telling common tales—has never been easier because of all the cool technology at our (occasionally nail-bitten) fingertips. This is the golden age of storytelling.

Which brings us to the recently revamped Experience Project, a social networking site fueled by the notion that your public persona isn’t about who you went to college with or how many “friends” you have, but by the life experiences that make you you. The site’s organized by categories of shared experiences, from first kisses to battles with depression to the many, many folks who are extremely proud of (and clearly very experienced at) being Irish. I like to get lost in the Experience Project’s dreams area, where people post and interpret each other’s sleeping life (don’t get me started on mine). Writers can be anonymous or not, but the site’s mission is to help writers reveal the “real you” within its open, expressive community. It’s homey and high-minded and a good sign of the times. Plus, the Experience Project crew–some of whom we met at Blogher–have extremely good taste.

Dreams via Flickr’s stephentrepreneur.