The New Sunday Book Review

May 23rd, 2007 by Rachel

This week, writer/blogger/all-around-book-maven Felicia Sullivan launched Between the Sheets:Felicia.jpg Writers Revealed, a new book-themed talk show on Now Live radio. A girl after my own heart, Felicia chose memoirs for her first topic, and Maggie Nelson, Danielle Trussoni, and Janice Erlbaum have plenty to say. I especially enjoyed their focus on the story after the story’s been told—what happens when your nonfiction book faces its characters. There’s also some good discussion of how portraying yourself unflinchingly can soften the blows.

Leaving_Dirty_Jersey_cover.JPGAnd in the auto-erotic horn-tooting department, my other favorite memoir moment of the week comes from Memoirville. First-time writer and former meth addict James Salant, 23, explains how he avoids the post-Frey fear by distinguishing between honesty and truth-telling. It’s a level of subtlety and maturity that might surprise you, had you started reading the interview with the last question. Yowch!

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