Toothpaste and Sex and Camus

May 11th, 2007 by Rachel

381275421_540cee9f1c_m.jpgIf you love true stories well told, I’m sure you have Fresh Yarn at the top of your bookmarks. Don’t forget to check this installment, where an essay by Susan Henderson (six-word memoir: “Mistakenly kills kitten. Fears anything delicate.”) will ring all kinds of bells. Compulsion to write? Check. Scraps of idea-scribbled paper? Yep. And fear of losing opportunities, and familial guilt, and toothpaste and sex and Camus.

Susan also runs the wonderful writing blog Lit Park, full of advice, inspiration, and community. She even asks a weekly question, something we know a thing or two about here at SMITH. Hey Susan: “The tiff between a MySpace user and the Obama campaign made us wonder—ever felt screwed by a social networking site?”

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