Life During Wartime—Iraqi P.O.V.

March 19th, 2007 by Larry Smith

ausamapic.jpgFor the chicken’s eye view of the war in Iraq, we strongly recommend Hometown Baghdad,a documentary series launching on a dedicated site as well as Salon, which follows of lives of three young Iraqis trying to deal with life during wartime. The series was shot entirely by Iraqi filmmakers (get the back-story of the twentysomething cast here; that’s Ausama, a 20-year-old med student pictured here). Via a forwarded email, one of the creators Mike DiBenedetto says, “The Iraqi subjects and crew risked their lives every time they turned a camera on to make this series … to share their lives with us. Please send this to anyone who might be interested in hearing about normal Iraqis–the real untold story of the Iraq war.”