Tori Spelling: actress, mom-to-be, blogger

March 2nd, 2007 by kathy

1torimed_3f2449ccaa.jpgMan, ya gotta love Tori Spelling. This girl is workin’ it from all angles—TV show, garage sale, you name it. These days, Tori and hubby Dean McDermott are bloggers/reality TV show stars (airing March 20th on the Oxygen channel). Oh yeah, and parents-to-be.

Back to the blog. You can read about Tori’s Lamaze classes, her recent baby shower, and the B & B this happy couple are planning to open—yep, Tori and Dean are opening their own Bed & Breakfast and Tori will make your bed and bake you muffins if you stay (so she alleges on the blog. I have every intention of visiting—if and when it opens. A full report on that to come).

Check out Tori and Dean’s blog here.


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