Dressing for my home office

February 1st, 2007 by kathy

147344060_71301641bc.jpgImagine a workspace where you can wear your PJs to the office, make your own hours, and actually enjoy good coffee without paying $3.00. Well, for some Americans that’s already a reality thanks to telecommuting. Sadly, most of us aren’t allowed that luxury except when blogging for SMITH (currently sipping my yummy Porto Rico coffee with jammies on). But according to an article in The Christian Science Monitor, Congress (believe it or not) is actually devoting some time to this idea.

Recent hearings in Congress focused on telecommuting as a way to deal with traffic, terrorism, oil dependency, and global warming. Some participants noted that remote employees make it possible for offices to operate during a serious storm, terrorist attack, or other emergency.

I’m slightly suspicious here because why would our government want its citizens to work from home. Evidentially, they haven’t taken man’s laziness into account.

So, seriously, what are they thinking?

Some points from the story:

Telecommuting can save nearly $1,000 a year in gasoline and avoid putting more than 6,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Telecommuting helps some parents better balance career and family.

It enables older workers to defer retirement and gives rural residents more ways to earn money. At the same time it broadens work opportunities for the disabled.

Improved productivity and greater employee satisfaction.

Teleworking also represents an alternative to outsourcing.

I think the folks in Congress are the ones who want to work from home. Something tells me they don’t like that five-day work week.