Be Your Own Pollock

January 26th, 2007 by Larry Smith

7088859_8f0498b23f.jpgIn honor of Jackson Pollock, who, in the words of VeryShortList (the place where I saw this site), “might have turned 95 this Sunday if he hadn’t died at 44 in a drunk-driving accident,” comes Created by artist Miltos Manetas (and based on technology he tweaked from an another programmer), the concept is simple, playful and addictive. Go on to the site and just start moving your mouse this what and that way and–voila!–instant expressionist painting, likely falling somewhere between what you did on a paper plate in pre-school and a work of art hanging in the MOMA. My nephews are going to love this.

Pollack>>Flickr>>Creative Common>>Dana Rocks

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