The State of the Union in 30 seconds

January 24th, 2007 by kathy

254460772_72941ca3a7.jpgIn case you missed (or in my case, fell asleep) President Bush’s State of the Union address, I thought some key points might be in order this chilly A.M. courtesy of The Arizona Republic.

ON IRAQ: Bush faces lawmakers skeptical of his Iraq troop—increase strategy. “We went into this largely united,” he says. “I ask you to give it a chance to work.”

ON ENERGY: Bush’s goal is to reduce gas usage by 20 percent over projected levels in 10 years by increasing use of alternate fuels and requiring greater efficiency in cars.

ON HEALTH CARE: Plan would tax some workers’ health benefits, but new tax deductions could encourage more uninsured people to buy coverage.

FYI, Iraq was NOT his first talking point.

You can read more about the Prez’s plans for your future in The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, and The Arizona Republic.

One more thing: cheers to Speaker Nancy Pelosi! The FIRST woman to lead the House. You go girl!

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