The Next Lonelygirl?

January 24th, 2007 by Alex

Below is what is either the most horribly offensive or bestest video ever. This has been burning up certain parts of the blogosphere since late yesterday; it’s a video made by a man named “Donnie Davies,” and it’s called “The Bible Says.” Basically, the message is that the Bible says gay people are bad — and it says it in pretty harsh language. It’s already been pulled from YouTube, but it remains, for the moment, available on MySpace.

So here’s the question that’s on pretty much everyone’s mind: is this real? Andrew Sullivan and Dan Savage seem to think not; I tend to agree, especially as there’s a distinctly jokey element to this whole thing, and, in the list of “Safe Bands” that won’t make you gay on the website of Davies’ record label, “Love God’s Way,” Cyndi Lauper is included. Tell us what you think — the video is below, as is a list of all the sites involved in what I’m pretty sure is a very elaborate bit of performance art, probably designed, like Lonelygirl, as promotion for some upcoming project. (And yes, I tried Whois searches on all these sites; I came up empty.)

Love God’s Way — the record label
Donnie Davies’ website
Evening Service — the band playing in the video along with Davies
MySpace pages for Davies and Evening Service

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