JahFurry 24-7-365

January 24th, 2007 by Larry Smith

2007_01_newelt3.jpgThe word “one of a kind” gets tossed around a lot, mainly by me. But when I say, “the inimitable JahFurry” those who have encountered the creative creature also known as Jeff Newelt know exactly what I’m talking about. SMITH’s comics editor and minister of propaganda is one of the great mashup artists of our time, a maestro who commingles his massive passions–comics, design, music, alt.judiasm, odd celebrity encounters–into a never-ending symphony that opens your eyes and raises your spirits.

JahFurryLogo.jpgI am pleased to announce that with today’s publication of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s deep and delightful interview with Jeff Newelt in Gothamist, today is officially JahFurry Day.

The first person to mention JahFurry Day tonight at Mo Pitkins, where Shooting War creator Anthony Lappé will be hosting “The War Room,” his no-holds-barred political variety show about the war in Iraq, gets a free plate of potato latkes (we’ve run this special before; we love it). This week the War Room features recent vets answering your questions about their experience, as well as the music of Jenn Grauer. It all goes down tonight at 7pm at Mo Pitkins.

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