Text Your Ex?

November 21st, 2006 by Larry Smith

19616063_9104ca62c7.jpgWired News’ “Sex Drive” columnist Regina Lynn has started a lively discussion with her recent piece, Think Before Pinging Your Ex. Wondering aloud if one should engage in a post-relationship communiqué she writes:

If you drop the person a line and then return to your cone of silence, you stir up hope and curiosity and create the expectation that more dialog might be possible. And then when it’s not forthcoming, you have to settle back into the knowledge that you were not actually resuming connection, you just had a moment of nostalgia and affection you couldn’t resist sharing.

Who hasn’t wrestled with the lure of an ex’s blog, or social networking or online dating profile?

Hands up. We’ve got tons of hearbreaking and sidesplitting Ex tales here — what’s yours? And remember: don’t drink and dial if you’re heading back to your hometown this holiday season. Their exes in them hills.