My Name Is James Bond

November 17th, 2006 by Larry Smith

257144083_ba5f9bc0b9.jpgTimed for the new Bond flick, Casino Royale, comes this genius little piece from the NY Daily News.

The bit is this: The Daily News unearthed One James Alexander Bond, a funny, goofy, high-art, high-lit, hippie-ish playwright … in other words, about as far away as you can get from the real (well, not actually real) James Bond. I met James once or twice, as he was my friend’s old roommate and graciously co-hosted my annual Oscar party in 1999 (at the time I had just moved to NYC and lived in 250 square feet). Haven’t seen him in years—here’s what he’s up to.

This Bond has yet to save the world while bedding a bevy of international beauties - he’s a 37-year-old theater director from Manhattan who considers the name more of a burden than a blessing.

“It does get annoying sometimes,” says Bond, whose full name is James Alexander Bond.

“Especially when you meet someone new and have to hear the same old tired jokes, or some cashier makes a big fuss when they see my credit card.”

Yet that didn’t stop him from gladly accepting our mission - to undergo a three-step, 007-style makeover that would transform him from James A. Bond into … Bond, James Bond.

Courtesy of The News, he was given crash courses in how to shoot, fight and drive like his fictional namesake.

“The name is always a pain in the a-,” says our Mr. Bond. “But this is the first cool thing I got to do with it.”

We love the notion of two people with the same name—and readers are encouraged to find others with their same name and write up the experience as I did here. Try it—it’s good, sort of trippy fun.

Bonus: A piece in Slate about the birth of Bond.

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