Nine Lives and Then Some

September 27th, 2006 by Zach Rodgers

Some guys have all the luck. Some have none of it. And then there’s Thomas L. Cook, who spent most of his life recovering from one mishap and physical accident after another, and TWICE had to learn to walk, talk, dress and feed himself after serious brain and spinal injuries. The Denver Post has a unique obituary on Cook, a man who’s main achievement in life was that he kept getting up after being knocked repeatedly to the ground. An excerpt:

“That was when he broke his back for the first time,” his sister recalled. “He broke it two other times after that and broke his ribs in falls and various accidents. It left him really crippled as a young man.”

Again, he learned how to walk, talk, dress, feed himself and perform other chores that once were second nature. Though the injuries and other disabilities left him increasingly hunchbacked - “kinda comma- shaped,” Silverman said - Cook insisted on using a cane instead of a walker until a few months ago. He refused to use a wheelchair, though it took him half an hour to shuffle from his apartment to the corner of his block.

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