The Continuing Saga of Lonelygirl15

August 28th, 2006 by Alex

So you all remember Lonelygirl15? Of course you do.

Well, see, here’s the thing - Lonelygirl15’s videos are good. Like, really good. Like, some people think, too good for your average homeschooled girl to do on her own, especially given her subject matter, which might well be boring in the hands of someone less skilled.

So people are asking questions. Is Lonelygirl15 the next J.T. LeRoy? Jon Fine seems to think so; Virginia Heffernan, who is perhaps slightly obsessed with the topic, is coming around to the skeptic’s side. Even the forum on fan site is dominated by the “is she or isn’t she?” question - and the “isn’t she” side seems to be winning.

As for me, I don’t know what I think - though I do know I want her to be real. I do think this is coming to a head, though, and I’m interested to see what happens, either way.

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